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L1 Support for ScribeAmerica

L1 Support for ScribeAmerica



For nine months, ScienceSoft has provided 12/5 L1 support to ScribeAmerica, a leading medical scribe company in the US. Our team handles around 500 tickets per month with a 7-minute first response time.

About ScribeAmerica

ScribeAmerica is one of the leading providers of medical scribes in the United States, with a workforce of over 25,000 employees. Its mission is to enhance medical care quality by training and delegating medical scribes and navigators to handle administrative and ancillary tasks from doctors. Today, ScribeAmerica’s scribes can reduce up to 90% of healthcare providers' administrative duties.

Such a large employee base implies diverse everyday operations at 3,500 healthcare facilities, each with different EHRs and other software. As the number of clinics hiring ScribeAmerica’s talents kept increasing, the company’s in-house support team was overloaded with a pile of L1 tickets. So, the company decided to hire a professional MSP to take over its L1 ticket load.

Resolving 500 L1 Tickets with a 7-minute FTR

ScribeAmerica uses a sophisticated ticketing system with separate queues that route tickets directly to L1 or L2 teams according to the issues' complexity. ScienceSoft assigned a team lead and four help desk agents to provide L1 support to scribes on a 12/5 basis. Our engineers handle the following tasks:

  • Software installation, configuration, updating, reinstallation, and uninstallation (Workday, Epic, DocuSign, Microsoft Office, Citrix, VPNs, etc.).
  • User authentication issues (login, account lockouts, expired credentials, etc.)
  • Hardware issues (malfunctioning headphones, monitors, etc.).
  • Network connectivity issues.
  • Escalation of more complex issues to ScribeAmerica’s L2 team.

At the beginning of our collaboration in January 2023, ScribeAmerica bought a package of 300 tickets per month. In September, the Customer extended it to 500 tickets.

To provide scribes with the highest level of support, ScienceSoft’s team has established transparent and regular communication with ScribeAmerica’s in-house L2 team. We submit monthly KPI reports (number of tickets and calls, first response time, resolution rate) and gather feedback from ScribeAmerica’s IT operations managers on biweekly calls to further improve service delivery.

Expanding Responsibilities and Optimizing Help Desk Delivery

Over the course of our engagement, ScienceSoft's team noticed that 100–150 escalated tickets every month concerned password reset issues. To help unload ScribeAmerica's L2 support team even further, ScienceSoft's team lead suggested handling this part of the ticket load on our side. She proved the feasibility of this initiative by creating a set of instructions and testing the possible issue resolution scenarios. ScribeAmerica approved the idea and gave ScienceSoft higher-level access to Google Admin so we could resolve password reset issues at L1.

Also, ScribeAmerica delegated ScienceSoft to handle its equipment return process. In August 2023, with an average first response time of 5 minutes, ScienceSoft's team managed to handle an upsurge of 951 tickets due to an increase in equipment return requests.

ScribeAmerica expressed deep appreciation for our work, as ScienceSoft's team strictly adheres to the SLA, is ready to extend the scope of its responsibilities, and shows continuous KPI improvement.

David Torres, IT Operations Manager at ScribeAmerica, says:

With the increased demand for our services and the growing number of Tier 1 tickets, we felt that our L2 team couldn’t provide support on both levels as effectively as they used to. So, we decided to partner with an L1 help desk provider. ScienceSoft’s L1 team has already become a valuable asset to ScribeAmerica. We needed full transparency in service provisioning, and we appreciate their regular reporting and clear communication with our IT operations managers. It’s also valuable to us that ScienceSoft keeps finding new ways to free our L2 team’s load.

Key Outcomes for the Customer

  • 70% of all incoming tickets are being resolved by ScienceSoft at L1, allowing ScribeAmerica’s in-house L2 team to focus on more complex tasks.
  • 7-minute L1 response time ensuring that scribes’ efficiency is not impeded by technical issues.
  • Transparent cooperation with a proactive L1 support provider ready to take on more responsibility while maintaining high service quality.

Tools and Technology

Freshdesk, Zoom, Google Admin, gPanel.

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