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Phone Case Styling App Rated 4+ on iOS and Android

Phone Case Styling App Rated 4+ on iOS and Android

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Mobile, iOS, Xamarin, Android


The Customer is an American mobile software company promoting a revolutionary approach to cross-platform development.


In the winter 2016, the Customer launched the development of Xamarin-based iOS/Android apps for creating individual designs of mobile phone cases. The application was supposed to be showcased at an international mobile app expo later in spring, but the initial development team was behind the schedule. The Customer contacted ScienceSoft and requested assistance with the application architecture, development of the design editor and back-end implementation.


In the course of 3 months, ScienceSoft successfully developed the Microsoft Azure back-end, application architecture and the design editor.

For those who choose a phone case template from the catalog the app automatically identifies the mobile phone model and tailors the case parameters accordingly. The other option is to design unique case template by uploading images of a wide range of supported formats to the design editor. Images can be scaled, moved or cropped to the user’s liking.

cover design app 3 screens

When the user is done with their mobile case design, they can send it for print to the Customer directly via the application. The request is received at the back-end on the Customer’s premises and is processed further. As soon as the requested case is printed, the app shows up push notifications to inform the user about the order/delivery status.


ScienceSoft helped the Customer develop a handy phone case styling tool for Android and iOS. The application was met with positive reviews at the expo, and is now rated 4+ both on Google Play and App Store.

Technologies and Tools

Android/iOS App: Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS (SDK), Xamarin.Android (SDK), Xamarin.TestCloud, HockeyApp, Bitrise, Swagger, Stripe, SQLite, SVG, HTTPWebService, PushNotification

Back-end: Azure API App, ASP.NET Web API 2.2 + OData, ASP.NET SignalR, Stripe, Swashbuckle (Swagger), Twilio, SendGrid, Entity Framework 6, Azure Table Storage, Azure Blob Storage

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