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iOS and Android Insurance Apps to Drive 50% Reduction in Insurer Workload

iOS and Android Insurance Apps to Drive 50% Reduction in Insurer Workload

Insurance, BFSI
Mobile, iOS, Android, React Native


The Customer is a US insurance company with over 12 years on the market and $61 billion of total insurance value.


Having an extremely large client base, the Customer experienced huge spikes of clients every late summer. As a result, their insurance agents’ schedules were often overloaded, which prevented the agents from providing quality services without delays. The Customer wanted to find a digital solution to the problem of resource overload and avoid hiring temporary insurance agents.


After analyzing the Customer’s situation, ScienceSoft’s BA suggested developing a mobile app that would enable ‘self-inspection’ for clients: using the app, a client would take photos or videos of the insured objects, upload them to the Customer’s database, and await an agent’s reply on the insurance case in question.

It was decided to develop the app using React Native to target clients with both Android and iOS devices simultaneously. After the Customer provided UI samples designed by the general contractor, ScienceSoft’s team of 2 React Native experts worked on the development of two mobile app versions for 3 months, leveraging the Scrum methodology.

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The developed app versions allow clients to:

  • Log in.
  • Create a new claim:
    • Describe the damage in text.
    • Attach media files (photos, videos) to the claim.
    • Send the claim.
  • Check active claim status.
  • Review claim history.

Once developed and tested, the apps were integrated with the back end, implemented by the general contractor, and published on Google Play and App Store.


After the apps for insurance were rolled out, they were quickly adopted by the Customer’s client base. As a result, the Customer saw a nearly 50% reduction in their employees’ workload in just 2 months. This helped to improve claim response time and raise both client and employee satisfaction.

Technologies and Tools

React Native, Redux, MobX.

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