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Development of a Survey Mobile App for Auditing Shops and Restaurants

Development of a Survey Mobile App for Auditing Shops and Restaurants

Restaurants, Public Services, Software products
Mobile, Android, Windows Phone


The Customer is a private European IT company founded in 1996.


The Customer was working on the iOS version of a mobile app for audit companies but didn’t have enough competences for the development of the app’s Android and Windows versions. They needed both apps to be natively developed from scratch, integrated with the back end, and finally published on Google Play and Microsoft Store.


After two months of work, ScienceSoft’s mobile development teams delivered native versions of the audit app for Android and Windows. ScienceSoft’s designers created UI to match the one the Customer had in the iOS version. Once the Customer provided necessary data transfer information, both apps were thoroughly tested and successfully integrated with the back end.

Once a user, who is performing an audit in a shop or a restaurant, logs in, the app shows a home menu with multiple pre-made questionnaire templates.

An audit company can upload new templates to their local server in a custom file format; the app then converts the templates and displays them on the screen as dynamic forms with questions and answer fields.

Questions can offer up to 16 different set types of answers, from simple text input and multiple choice of suggested options to image attachment and a timer (to help an auditor record the time of, for instance, their order being processed in a restaurant).

The progress of filling in the form is saved automatically after each given answer. Even if a user accidentally closes the app, they have an option to continue an unfinished questionnaire or start a new one after they open the app again.

Once the questionnaire form is complete, it can be sent to the server of an audit company and stored there for an unlimited period. Since the app works entirely offline, the upload can be performed without an internet connection.


Upon the release of both apps to Google Play and Windows Store, the Customer asked ScienceSoft for continuous application support. Both Android and Windows development teams are currently providing support and deliver updates according to the Customer’s change requests.

Technologies and Tools

Windows app: C#, WinRT, SQLite, Prism, Unity, Json.NET, MSTest.

Android app: Android SDK, Fragments API, SQLite, JSON, Android support v4, Apache HttpClient.

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