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Fully Robotized Environment to Test New Cameras for the Partner of Nikon and Canon

Fully Robotized Environment to Test New Cameras for the Partner of Nikon and Canon

Software products, Information Technology
C/C++, Python


The Customer is a private American company that performs independent quality assessment of camera images. The company cooperates with such famous brands as Nikon, Canon, etc.

To conduct image quality assessment, the Customer uses several independent modules, consisting of laboratory equipment, hardware and software parts. Each module has one specific function taking stabilization measures, autofocus measures, motion blur measures, high-dynamic-range image quality measures, checking dual-cam performance, etc.


For one of their clients, the Customer needed to develop a fully robotized environment of several modules to allow for a new camera’s testing without human intervention. With this idea, the Customer turned to ScienceSoft for professional help.


To create the foundation for the future robotized environment, ScienceSoft’s team decided to provide a Python script that would allow the modules to work in the automatic mode.

As the existing technology stack of the modules’ software didn’t allow for their communication with the Python script, the team of dedicated developers also created special C++ interfaces for the software part of each module.

In the course of work, the developers also optimized some of the existing algorithms in the automated software parts, thus streamlining the processing of measurements data and reducing the overall assessment time for one camera.


The Customer delivered their client a set of modules adapted the work in the robotized environment. Moreover, as a result of implemented code optimization, the time of camera assessment was accelerated.

Satisfied with the project results, the Customer commissioned ScienceSoft to fully optimize legacy software of the rest of their modules.

Technologies and Tools

C++, Python, C#

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