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24/7 Infrastructure Support with 98% Issue Resolution Rate

24/7 Infrastructure Support with 98% Issue Resolution Rate


About the Customer

The Customer manufactures indoor air quality solutions, designing systems that not only optimize energy consumption but also contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.

Need for 24/7 Infrastructure Support

As the Customer's in-house IT department was fully involved in migrating SQL servers to the Azure cloud, the Customer required a dependable L2 team to resolve basic infrastructure-related issues and requests across geographically distributed offices. The Customer has already successfully collaborated with ScienceSoft's L1 team and was satisfied with the high service quality and strict adherence to the SLA. So, the company turned to ScienceSoft for 24/7 L2 support.

Successfully Resolving 150 Tickets per Month at L2 Level

ScienceSoft assigned a dedicated team of twelve L2 engineers to manage all infrastructure-related issues across three regions: the USA, Europe, and India.

ScienceSoft's L2 team is to resolve all the incidents identified by monitoring tools, user issues escalated from L1, and infrastructure change requests. Currently, ScienceSoft's L2 engineers efficiently address an average load of 150 tickets per month, achieving a resolution rate of 98%.

As outlined in the SLA, ScienceSoft is responsible for 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting of the following infrastructure components:

  • Windows servers (e.g., investigating login failures in Active Directory, optimizing RAM using Powershell scripts).
  • RDS farms (e.g., deploying virtual machines, resolving user connection problems, monitoring resource usage on terminal servers).
  • DNS servers (e.g., changing DNS records, troubleshooting network connectivity issues between servers).
  • SQL databases (troubleshooting any issues related to database connectivity or data integrity, increasing database storage size).

To ensure the transparency of the support processes for the Customer, ScienceSoft’s L2 team lead delivers regular monthly reports with detailed KPIs, including the number of resolved/unresolved incidents, resolution rate, resolution time, ticket statuses.

Positive Outcomes for the Customer

As of November 2023, the Customer has been collaborating with ScienceSoft for over two years. While ScienceSoft took over 24/7 L2 support, resolving 98% of all L2 tickets, Customer's IT team could focus on migrating SQL servers to the Azure cloud. Satisfied with the quality of ScienceSoft's services, the Customer decided to extend the service scope and involve our L3 engineers to assist with the server migration.


vScope, PowerShell, Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, SQL Server Management Studio, Cisco Meraki, PRTG network monitor, VMware, etc.

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