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Insurance Software Evolution Consulting for One of Europe’s Oldest Property Insurers

Insurance Software Evolution Consulting for One of Europe’s Oldest Property Insurers

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About Our Customer

The Customer is one of Europe’s oldest brokerage and underwriting agencies focused on residential and commercial property insurance. For over 70 years in the insurance business, the company has been involved in some of the EU's largest risk insurance programs and established solid underwriting capacities worldwide.

Legacy Insurance Software Failed to Support Business Growth

The Customer relied on its custom insurance software to automate sales, underwriting, quoting, and policy administration tasks. As the Customer’s business scaled up, the software started experiencing continuous performance issues, which resulted in frequent operational disruptions and poor user experience. At a certain point, the system failed to handle the growing volume of insurance data and workflows and required an urgent revamp.

The Customer initially involved the vendor that built its custom solution in handling the issues and upgrading software capabilities. However, the absence of clear technical documentation for the software and the vendor’s negligent approach to communication and service delivery hampered the project progress. Plus, due to the lack of established DevOps processes, system changes were implemented and tested directly in the production environment, and the unfixed defects immediately affected operational flow.

Eventually, the Customer decided to terminate the agreement with the existing vendor and find a responsible tech partner to take over insurance software evolution. Owing to ScienceSoft’s 30+ years of experience in custom software development and decade-long expertise in insurance IT, the Customer turned to our team for system review and consulting on software improvement.

Laying a Solid Foundation for Insurance Software Evolution

Insurance system audit

ScienceSoft’s experts analyzed the legacy insurance software, conducted a code review, and audited the software architecture, tech stack, and integrations. As a result, they delivered a comprehensive report on the solution’s state that detailed the reasons for poor software performance and recommendations on how to fix them. In addition, the team conducted interviews with business users to elicit their concerns regarding the software performance across their role-specific workflows.

Software evolution consulting

Following the audit, ScienceSoft’s experts performed a business analysis and documented the requirements for the future solution. Keeping the Customer’s goals in mind, the team created a detailed strategy and plan for the software revamp. In particular, the Customer received software rearchitecting guidelines, a code and database refactoring plan, a new feature map, and the optimal tech stack.

ScienceSoft’s experts also audited the Customer’s IT infrastructure and assessed its ability to support future software scaling and enhancement with new features. The team suggested starting with DevOps implementation and provided a step-by-step roadmap and a toolkit for IT automation to help the Customer streamline insurance software evolution, testing, integration, and maintenance.

Lastly, ScienceSoft’s experts estimated the budget, timelines, and team composition required to implement the proposed improvements.

Considering the urgent need for insurance software stabilization and bug fixing, the team worked under tight deadlines and had daily calls with the project stakeholders on the Customer’s side.

A System Review and a Roadmap to Software Evolution in Just a Week

In only 7 business days, the Customer received a comprehensive system review report and a detailed roadmap for insurance software fixing and evolution. ScienceSoft’s expert assistance helped the company get a clear picture of the software issues and start implementing the corrective measures promptly and with minimal risks. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s expert advice on the optimal tech stack and team composition, the Customer got the opportunity to reduce project costs and speed up the fixes.

The Customer appreciated ScienceSoft’s mature collaborative approach and deep expertise in insurance software development. The company decided to continue cooperation with our team and contracted ScienceSoft for a comprehensive software revamp. Within a week, ScienceSoft provided the Customer with a dedicated development team that is now working on stabilizing the software performance.


Q&A sessions, business requirements analysis, document analysis, system analysis.

Techs and Tools

PHP, WordPress, PhpStorm, MySQL, Wappalyzer, Confluence.

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