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Daria Ilyushina

I coordinate web and mobile development processes to ensure we bring integrated solutions to our customers.
Web and Mobile Development Manager,

Daria has started in IT as PHP Developer in 2013, then gained experience in front-end development and became a full-stack developer. Such background helped Daria get a keen understanding of all the stages of the web application development process.

In 2018, the extensive experience brought Daria to the position of Resource Manager of Web Department at Ocsico, the company that merged with ScienceSoft in 2019. Under her initiative, Ocsico began to evolve the direction of cross-platform application development, so Daria started combining the management of both web and mobile departments. As a result, the range of ongoing projects in the company increased, and the company’s technology stack expanded.

At ScienceSoft, Daria continues applying her all-round expertise in web development as Web and Mobile Development Manager. She plans and manages the development process, prepares project estimations, and holds project status meetings with customers.

During 9 years of practice in software development, Daria has helped lead to success more than 20 projects on business process automation in such domains as transportation, healthcare and others. One of her most challenging and exciting projects was the development of a claims management platform. Daria’s team had to consider a number of industry-specific restrictions while choosing an architecture that would meet the customer’s needs.

Daria follows the trends in web and mobile development and shares her findings in ScienceSoft’s blog.

Each successfully implemented software solution means the growth of the business using it.

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