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Healthy Food Mobile App Development

Healthy Food Mobile App Development

Healthcare, Software products
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile


The customer is a Swiss company You Deserve Better that provides people with superior information to help them enjoy a healthy lifestyle, physical well-being and mental fitness.


You Deserve Better came to ScienceSoft to develop a patient engagement software that allows users to get complete nutrition data for hundreds of foods and to purchase a diet depending on a blood type.


ScienceSoft’s healthcare mobile app development team created a set of apps (for iOS, Android and WP) that provides users with all the necessary information about products’ nutritive value: calories, protein, carbs, fat, cholesterol, sodium and Glycemic Index. The app not only allows users to check up on products’ nutritive value but also can advise a suitable diet depending on their blood type: the app tells the user whether a specific food is beneficial (indicated green), neutral (yellow), or to avoid for his blood type (red).

One of the main advantages of the app is that once it is downloaded, all the information is available without accessing the Internet.


You Deserve Better got an app, which expanded a set of services that are offered to its clients. Along with iOS app, ScienceSoft developed Android and WP versions, which allowed the Customer to broaden its audience.

Numerous downloads worldwide brought a tangible contribution to company’s proceeds.

Technologies and Tools

xCode 4.0, iPhone SDK 4.3, UIKit, CoreData, MapKit, Silverlight 4, C#, Microsoft Phone Developers tools, Expression Blend 4, Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition, Java, Android SDK (1.5-2.2), SQLite, PBE via 128Bit AES.

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