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Primary Care Telehealth App Designed in 4 Weeks

Primary Care Telehealth App Designed in 4 Weeks

React.js, React Native, AWS, Mobile


The Customer is a US business running several medical practices that provide primary care services.


To deliver remote primary care to their patients and streamline their medical practice management, the Customer decided to implement a custom telehealth and practice management solution. The solution needed to enable online patient-doctor communication and appointment scheduling.

The Customer required a provider of medical software consulting and development services to design and build secure software according to their vision, which would help improve the quality and accessibility of their medical services.


In October 2021, the Customer commissioned ScienceSoft to plan and develop a custom telehealth and practice management solution. ScienceSoft assembled a team of experts experienced in the healthcare domain, which comprised a project manager, a business analyst, a UX designer, a UI designer, senior back-end, front-end developers, and mobile developers, senior QA engineers, a senior DevOps engineer. 10 days after the Customer’s initial request, the team was ready to start the project.

Design of the telehealth and practice management solution

ScienceSoft’s business analysts interviewed key stakeholders to get a deep understanding of the Customer’s needs and used this information to outline the solution functionality and create a software specification.

ScienceSoft’s team designed the solution that included:

  • A mobile telehealth app for patients.
  • A web portal for appointment scheduling and management for doctors and patients.

To provide smooth access to patient information and convenient billing, the team designed the integration between the solution and EHR.

ScienceSoft’s regulatory compliance consultant assisted on the software design stage to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other relevant regulations and establish reliable and secure medical data exchange with EHR using data transfer standards like HL7, FHIR.

MVP planning and development

ScienceSoft’s team offered the Customer to start with the development of an MVP of the telehealth and practice management solution. MVP development would allow the Customer to get a fully functional telehealth and practice management solution with the vital features fast and upgrade it upon patient and doctor feedback.

Having acquired the Customer’s agreement to the proposal, ScienceSoft’s team prioritized the solution functionality and drew up the list of MVP features. The features included:

  • Online scheduling of appointments with physicians.
  • Video conferencing between patients and physicians to conduct online appointments, check-ups, etc.
  • Patient-doctor chats for real-time communication (e.g., discussing new symptoms, adjusting medication dosage).
  • Notifications to patients on upcoming appointments.
  • In-app payments for the provided medical services.

Upon completing the MVP design stage, the project team proceeded with MVP development in November 2021.


In 4 weeks after the project start, the Customer got a complete design of the telehealth and practice management solution, including its architecture, prioritized feature list, etc. The solution design reflected the Customer’s strategic business priorities and patient needs.

ScienceSoft’s team continues the project and works on MVP development of a patient telehealth application and a web portal.

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Technologies, Standards, and Tools

React Native, React.js, TypeScript, Node.js.

AWS cloud services: Amazon Route 53, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, AWS Amplify, Amazon Cognito, AWS WAF, AWS Shield, Amazon API Gateway, AWS AppSync, Amazon ElastiCache, AWS Lambda, Amazon CloudWatch.

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