Team Augmentation with a Senior Go Developer for a Company in the Energy Industry

Team Augmentation with a Senior Go Developer for a Company in the Energy Industry

Golang, MongoDB


The Customer is Scoprion TC GmbH – a German IT company that connects clients in need of technical resources with vendors who have large IT talent pools.


One of the Customer’s clients is a large DACH region company in the energy industry. The client needed an experienced Go developer to join their team in implementing the back end of their B2B and B2C web solutions.


The Customer was already in contact with ScienceSoft and had a number of team augmentation requests in progress (business analysis, Salesforce cloud consulting, Java development, etc.). They asked whether ScienceSoft also had an experienced Go developer on board and provided the outline of the client’s Go development needs.

ScienceSoft analyzed the requirements and provided 3 CVs of the most fitting and available senior candidates. The Customer chose the Go engineer with 18 years of experience in software development and agreed to have an interview with him. The interview resulted in the signing of a 6-month cooperation contract between Scorpion and ScienceSoft.

The Go developer joined the team of 30 engineers led directly by the client company’s CTO. He adjusted to the Scrum processes with daily meetings in Microsoft Teams within just a week. Upon quick onboarding, the developer went on to contribute to the back-end development project by performing the assigned tasks, including:

  • Implementation of new server-side functionality (e.g. billing).
  • Refactoring of legacy functionality modules into Golang.
  • Automated testing (including Python testing).
  • Assistance with onboarding of new team members.


The planned 6-month cooperation between ScienceSoft’s developer and the Customer’s client was successful. Scorpion remains in close contact with ScienceSoft and trusts the competency and professionalism of our resources.

Technologies and Tools

Golang, MongoDB, Python, Microsoft Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Microsoft Teams.

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