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Microblogging Website for Networking and Opinion Sharing

Microblogging Website for Networking and Opinion Sharing

Media, Entertainment
PHP, Pimcore


The Customer is a media publisher and a public opinion influencer from Oslo, Norway.


Driven by the idea to create an open microphone platform where people could speak up about the topics that matter to them, the Customer commissioned ScienceSoft to build a microblogging website designed as an online newspaper. The Twitter-like website had to support rich multimedia content and was meant as a tool for everyone with something to say to find their audience.


ScienceSoft chose a flexible Pimcore platform as the main site-building tool because it allows to create a website with unique design and functionality using out-of-the-box features.

Microbloggers, who are the main contributors to the website, have the following features at their disposal:

  • Setting up a personal account and securely accessing it by using their unique credentials
  • Adding and editing multimedia content such as posts, pictures, videos and so on through the admin system
  • Commenting on the posts of others and replying to the comments on their microblogs
  • Following the topics and people that interest them by subscribing for the updates
  • Integration with social media accounts like Facebook

The website admin can additionally monitor and edit if necessary the content which is being added and also filter users by different parameters. It allows to single out trending posts and personas and to maintain, for example, the top ten list on the main page.

Currently, the microblogs are split into 19 categories such as Health, Design, Politics, Media and so on. For the website admin it is possible to add new categories while users can boost the visibility of their posts by marking them with tags.

The online magazine is easy to edit and maintain which helps it to stay agile and up to date with current news without much editor’s technical efforts.


After three months of work, the website went live and has been since then steadily attracting new members and readers. It is now a lively hubspot where Norwegians can share their opinions, interests and content, interact and connect in a meaningful way. The indie platform has attracted the attention the traditional established media and has been given a spotlight by television as well.

Technologies and Tools

Pimcore, PHP, HTML5/CSS

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