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Advertising and Loyalty Program Extension for Magento Webstores

Advertising and Loyalty Program Extension for Magento Webstores

Retail, Marketing & Advertisement
Magento, PHP


The Customer offers loyalty solutions to private businesses including world’s leading retailers, credit card issuers and banks. The company is known for its innovative cloud-based ad solution that integrates with digital banking infrastructure and sends personalized offers to customers allowing them to redeem the offers at the check-out.


The Customer needed to adjust its ad solution to Magento online stores and extend its functionality by adding loyalty program management. The aim was:

  • To avoid overloading e-shops with irrelevant ads while developing efficient advertising campaigns.
  • To bring a fresh approach to loyalty campaigns.

Customized Magento online stores required the solution to be compatible with different Magento themes.


To meet the Customer’s requirements, ScienceSoft offered to develop a two-component Magento extension that collects customer data and allows for a full ad and loyalty management cycle. The team followed a number of PSRs (1, 2, 3, 4, 7) to make the extension usable.

ScienceSoft’s Magento developers came up with a targeted approach to advertising. The access to e-shops with integrated Magento extension allows the Customer to generate a list of brands represented in each of them. The Customer resells advertising space to these brands thus mediating between online stores and advertisers. The two advertising tools to offer are banners and first positions in the product range (ScienceSoft extensively used Magento merchandising).

In order to bring new insight in loyalty program, ScienceSoft looked into possible benefits for e-shop customers. The team came up with an automated system generating loyalty points that can be later redeemed for a discount. Customers of e-shops with integrated Magento extension are encouraged to earn points by making purchases or inviting friends.

To advance the customer experience, ScienceSoft added two lists to detailed product pages. These are similar products and you-may-also-like products. This technique aims at building and retaining customer loyalty by making relevant offers and creating a personalized service.


ScienceSoft’s team delivered an efficient solution extending Magento out-of-the-box features. The solution made the Customer’s advertising campaigns and advanced loyalty programs more beneficial.

As the extension is compatible with both Magento Open Source and Commerce, the Customer can meet the needs of various online stores.

Technologies and Tools

Magento 2, PHP 7, Zend Framework, Composer, MySQL 5.6, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Knockout.js, RequireJS

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