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Full-Cycle Testing of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

Full-Cycle Testing of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

Insurance, BFSI


The Customer is a U.S. software development company that provides effective digital document solutions to insurance companies working in the automotive industry. The Customer extensively cooperates with major U. S. insurance companies and global leaders in car manufacturing.


The Customer needed a web application system to simplify the complex process of damage estimation for insured cars that got into an accident.

The product posed several testing challenges:

  • The project didn’t have any documentation, so the testing team had to write testing requirements for each web application on the go.
  • The Customer’s web applications differed in their functionality. Besides, the system included a mobile web application for car owners. These factors increased the amount of testing efforts.
  • The applications had to exchange information correctly and easily. This called for integration testing.
  • The customer targeted a wide audience, so the detailed cross-browser and cross-platform testing was required.


The project followed the Agile methodology, so our team tested the software in parallel with its development.

ScienceSoft’s testing team performed exploratory testing to recreate project requirements relying on test cases. The test cases were stored in Atlassian Jira and transformed into project requirements.

ScienceSoft’s testing team also took up testing coordination in the project. The testing team had to ensure seamless communication with the Customer’s team to plan their testing efforts carefully. When the Customer deployed new functionality, the testing team ran functional testing and subsequent regression testing to check that the older functionality still worked.

ScienceSoft’s testing team also performed non-functional testing:

  • UI testing to assure that the web applications and mobile web app had a responsive UI.
  • Integration testing to assure that all the apps exchanged information correctly and easily.
  • Cross-browser testing (Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer 10 – 11) to assure that web applications were compatible with popular browsers.
  • Cross-platform testing (iOS X – 11 and Android 5.1 – 8.0) to assure that the mobile web app worked correctly on the most popular platforms.

As the project developed further, the Customer decided to add another supported language – Spanish. So, the testing team also performed localization testing to assure that the web application and its mobile version adequately rendered text in supported languages (English and Spanish).


ScienceSoft’s testing team performed a comprehensive full-cycle testing and assured the web application system’s ability to scale up and perform well in the specified browsers, across the chosen platforms, and in specified languages (English and Spanish).

Technologies and Tools

Atlassian Jira, Confluence, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 – 11, Android 5.1 – 8.0, iOS X – 11.

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