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Video Chat iOS App for Social Networking Developed in 6 Months

Video Chat iOS App for Social Networking Developed in 6 Months

iOS, AWS, Mobile, Node.js


The Customer is an IT company in the Gulf Region.


The Customer wanted to develop an iOS app for social networking. They needed their solution to enable private and public, one-to-one and group video chats, letting people mingle in the virtual rooms for discussing various hobbies and interests. However, the Customer lacked the necessary iOS development expertise to handle the project.


The Customer reached out to ScienceSoft in August 2021 and hired a dedicated team of a PM, 2 iOS developers, a back-end developer, a QA expert, and a DevOps engineer to deliver the app. The team followed the Customer’s specific and well-formulated requirements to plan out the project, which was launched the same month.

When designing the iOS app’s architecture, ScienceSoft’s team opted for a layered Model-View-ViewModel-Coordinator (MVVM-C) architecture to resolve routing management issues that are typical for a regular MVVM architecture. The iOS developers delivered front-end code in Swift, leveraging Twilio services to power the video chat functionality and Chatto to drive text messaging. To ensure steady and fast real-time data exchange during video chats, ScienceSoft’s back-end developer used the Node.js framework for server-side code and chose Amazon Web Services for back-end hosting. QA expert kept manual and automated testing in balance to ensure deep check and high coverage. Done in parallel with development, testing allowed for continuous deployment, which kept the project on schedule.

video chat mobile app

The team worked on the project for 6 months under the Scrum methodology and presented app demos to the Customer every 1-2 weeks.


The Customer was able to release the fully functioning app to the stores of the Gulf Region, US, and Canada in accordance to the planned schedule, in March 2022. Satisfied with the cooperation, they are currently considering to partner up with ScienceSoft for continuous support and evolution of their app.

Technologies and Tools

Front end: Swift, Twilio Video, Twilio Conversation SDK, Chatto, Moya, Alamofire.

Back end: Node.js, TypeScript, NestJS, Amazon Web Services.

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