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AWS-Based SaaS Platform for Labor Market Analytics

AWS-Based SaaS Platform for Labor Market Analytics

Software products
AWS, Angular.js, React.js


The Customer is a US-based startup concentrated on labor market software.


The Customer wanted to create a SaaS solution that would aggregate and analyze open-source data on salary, employment and other labor market parameters, and present it in customized dashboards to help businesses in talent acquisition, budgeting and retention. They needed developers to ensure the platform would work fast with an intense amount of data and present accurate results.


ScienceSoft’s dedicated team analyzed the Customer’s needs and designed the platform that allowed users to create personalized dashboards with data segmented and correlated by market, industry or specific jobs. To help the Customer save costs as their product scales, the team chose AWS Lambda to build the serverless backend of the platform. With the event-driven serverless architecture of their AWS-based product, the Customer would pay for resource consumption only for the time code is executed and have no need to manage servers.

To help the analytics platform efficiently process big loads of data under users’ requests, ScienceSoft’s team decided to use GraphQL for the platform’s API. GraphQL made it possible to retrieve data from multiple sources and in different formats in a single request, which significantly enhanced the speed and stability of the platform. Moreover, thanks to GraphQL, the developers can evolve the product and implement new features without affecting its performance.

Our development team also defined role-based access rules to data displayed for platform users and set up permissions to share it with assigned users exclusively.

To ensure that the platform worked as designed, ScienceSoft’s developers maintained a high coverage with unit tests, while QA specialists carried out comprehensive manual tests.


As a result of collaboration with ScienceSoft, the Customer launched the platform that quickly processes diverse data to show it in the form of a customized overview of labor market tendencies. It is now used by business executives, HR teams and managers across a variety of industries in the US for compensation planning and streamlining business growth.

Technologies and Tools

AWS Lambda, AWS Amplify, GraphQL, Node.js, React, Angular.js.

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