Development of a Computer Vision Solution for Retail

Development of a Computer Vision Solution for Retail



The Сustomer is a recognized authority in the production of collaborative category management and store mapping solutions.


The customer wanted to develop a solution enabling a retailer or distributor to analyze consumers’ behavioral patterns, more effectively plan merchandizing activities, estimate work of sales personnel, thus resulting in sales and profit increases.


Having ample experience in custom software development, ScienceSoft created an innovative computer vision solution for the retail industry consisting of the following components:

  • A set of camera software (image capturing, camera setup and calibration, camera status monitoring);
  • People tracking module (tracking of store staff and customers, using fish-eye cameras);
  • Shelf tracking module (tracking of hand movements);
  • Fridge tracking module (tracking of hand movement, when interacting with glass-door fridge);
  • SilverLight portal (access point for all gathered data and analytics).retail-big-1


ScienceSoft’s team successfully solved the challenging task and promptly delivered the custom image analysis solution that can gather a large amount of merchandising information to perform:

  • Analysis of store’s staff activities and intercommunication with customers;
  • Tracking of the customers’ movements and activities, including counting customers in specific areas;
  • Queue analysis (average number of customers in line, average waiting time, leave count, etc.);
  • Hand movement tracking (detection of most popular shelves, products, places);
  • Merchandising data collection and analysis.

Technologies and Tools

Intel Parallel Studio, Intel C++ Compiler Professional, OpenCV, Integrated Performance Primitives, NVIDIA CUDA.

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