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Realistic 3D Animated Video Clips for Marketing Campaigns of a Luxury Real Estate Company

Realistic 3D Animated Video Clips for Marketing Campaigns of a Luxury Real Estate Company

Marketing & Advertisement, Real Estate


The Customer is a Lebanese real estate company that sells smart apartment complexes with IoT-based home control systems, automated parking lots, and biometric locks.


The Customer’s marketing department needed catchy and illustrative advertising messages that would show their smart home system design and explain how various IoT solutions worked in their apartment complexes. They wanted the messages to be in the form of realistic animated videos and turned to ScienceSoft for help.


Using complex animation software, ScienceSoft’s team of 3D designers created from scratch 4 highly realistic 3D animated video clips, each about 2-minute long. All building layouts were based on the actual blueprints of the Customer’s apartment complexes.

Thanks to the company’s experience in IoT projects, ScienceSoft also managed to create 4 original scenarios that all highlight different advantages of smart home systems. The first video shows a 3D model of a resident who arrives at the parking lot of an apartment complex and has an elevator automatically transport his car to his parking place on the top floor. The second and third animations show how a resident enters the building and later his apartment using secure biometric sensors. The last video shows the moment the owner leaves the apartment: with the help of a smart home control device, he switches the apartment over to ‘sleep mode’ and calls for his car to be moved down from the top parking lot floor to the driveway.

For swifter project progress and more convenient communication, the team showed key still frames to the Customer before rendering the entire video. After the Customer approved the scenario and the design in the still frames, the team proceeded to rendering.


After 2 months of work, ScienceSoft finished all 4 animations leaving the Customer completely satisfied. The Customer plans to use these videos not only for marketing campaigns but also as a part of the content for their mobile and web apps as tutorials.

Technologies and Tools

3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop, V-Ray, NUKE.

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