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Our interactive demo shows how inventory software facilitates the daily activities of the inventory team across inventory planning, purchasing, control, and customer order fulfillment processes.

Let’s have a closer look at how you can benefit from robust automation and advanced functionality provided by a tailor-made inventory management solution.

Eliminate Manual Efforts

Robust automation of rule-based tasks is key to streamlining the daily activities of employees involved in inventory management while ensuring inventory data accuracy. Custom inventory management software effectively handles all core inventory-associated processes, from calculating inventory reorder points and placing purchase orders to creating customer invoices and generating inventory reports. The workflows can be easily adjusted to comply with your business specifics.

Improve Inventory Visibility

Inventory software facilitates tracking inventory levels and locations across the supply chain. It provides a centralized view of currently available inventory and its quantity and price and updates this information upon inventory purchasing, reservation, utilization, selling, and transfer between locations. Also, the solution enables real-time monitoring of customer order shipment via an interactive map.

Avoid Stockouts and Overstocking

Inventory management software leverages AI to enable accurate demand forecasting, identification of slow-moving inventory to mitigate the risk of dead stock, and demand-based planning of multi-location inventory levels.

Choose the Best Suppliers

To ensure supply chain resilience and reduce supplier-associated risks, inventory specialists should continuously monitor and re-evaluate supplier performance. Inventory software stores a full history of supplier deals, offers configurable supplier evaluation criteria, and calculates supplier ratings based on custom formulas.

Minimize Inventory Costs and Increase Revenue

Inventory software helps maintain optimal inventory levels across storage, manufacturing, and selling locations, which results in minimized inventory carrying costs. Also, it streamlines customer order fulfillment processes, which leads to a higher fill rate and increased revenue. To ensure timely order delivery while driving savings across inventory storage, software supports order drop shipping directly from a supplier.

Ready to Get a Tailored Inventory Solution?

ScienceSoft’s team can help you build custom inventory management software, which provides:

  • A comprehensive feature set to cover your unique inventory-related needs.
  • Cost-effective integration with the existing corporate solutions, including legacy software.
  • Flexibility to evolve with new functionality or advanced techs, and more.