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ScienceSoft Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community

ScienceSoft Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community


MCKINNEY, TX (March 30, 2017) – ScienceSoft, a Texas-headquartered provider of custom software and IT consulting services, today launched the Health Check Framework (HCF) Manager for IBM QRadar, which integrates with IBM security intelligence technology to  help clients increase effectiveness and performance of their QRadar deployments. The HCF Manager is an application that handles the installation and management of ScienceSoft’s Health Check Framework (now QLEAN) from the QRadar interface. The Health Check Framework enables real-time monitoring of QRadar’s performance and ongoing fine-tuning.

The new application is freely available to the security community through IBM Security App Exchange, a marketplace where developers across the industry can share applications based on IBM Security technologies. As threats are evolving faster than ever, collaborative development amongst the security community will help organizations adapt quickly and speed innovation in the fight against cybercrime.

The HCF Manager leverages IBM QRadar, the company’s security intelligence platform which analyzes data across an organization’s IT infrastructure in real-time to identify potential security threats. Leveraging QRadar’s new open application programming interfaces (API), the HCF Manager for IBM QRadar allows ScienceSoft and IBM customers to gain user-friendly access to the HCF to monitor QRadar performance and check if it runs in an effective and efficient way.

“SIEM deployment is a bit like a sports car: it can deliver fantastic performance if maintained and fine-tuned properly. ScienceSoft’s Health Check Framework provides in-depth monitoring of QRadar performance,” said Dr. Ulad Radkevitch, VP Sales and Marketing, ScienceSoft. “Such monitoring allows to check if QRadar is run properly and the ROI from your SIEM deployment is 100% realized. Based on the results, a customer’s security team can implement fixes and perform ongoing fine-tuning. Also, automated checkup saves a customer from additional efforts and costs that are required for checking manually or with a custom-built add-on.”

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About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a US-headquartered provider of custom software development and IT consulting services with 450+ IT professionals located internationally.

With over 29 year in custom software development and 13 years in Information Security, ScienceSoft has been delivering security information and event management (SIEM), identity and access management (IAM), and penetration testing services for companies in Healthcare, Banking, Public Sector, Telecom and other industries. An IBM Silver Business Partner, ScienceSoft participated in the creation of IBM TSIEM/TCIM and TSOM products and co-developed IBM’s official TSIEM to QRadar migration guide. Today the company is focused particularly on providing SIEM solutions based on IBM QRadar, the leader in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for SIEM. The company also offers proprietary information security solutions. Among them, there are Health Check Framework for IBM QRadar, Health Check Framework Manager, and QRadar Session Manager.

About IBM Security

IBM’s security platform provides the security intelligence to help organizations holistically protect their people, data, applications and infrastructure. IBM offers solutions for identity and access management, security information and event management, database security, application development, risk management, endpoint management, next-generation intrusion protection and more. IBM operates one of the world’s broadest security research and development, and delivery organizations. For more information, please visit www.ibm.com/security, follow @IBMSecurity on Twitter or visit the IBM Security Intelligence blog.


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