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Serge Gakh

I manage the work of application support teams and coordinate IT support department at ScienceSoft.
Lead Application Support Engineer and Support Department Coordinator,

Serge joined ScienceSoft in 2012 as a Support Engineer. Having a background in genetic engineering, he participated in ScienceSoft’s support projects for scientific companies that required advanced domain knowledge.

During his work at ScienceSoft, Serge has contributed to 10 prominent long-term application support projects lasting for 3-4 years and made his way to a Lead Application Support Engineer in 2015. One of such projects was L2-L3 support of a marketing campaign management solution for a globally renowned advertising agency. It helped the customer decrease an overall number of registered service requests by 36% and grow user satisfaction up to 97%. Serge’s responsibilities as a Lead Application Support Engineer include prioritizing and managing the troubleshooting process, monitoring the support team performance and reporting on service KPIs to the customers, as well as motivating the support team. 

Serge was one of the originators of creating a separate IT support department at ScienceSoft. He established unified IT support processes and the process of interdepartmental collaboration. As a result, ScienceSoft can easily scale IT support services offered to our customers. As a Support Department Coordinator, Serge manages and monitors the work of the support department and other departments involved in IT support services, interviews new team members, and presents the value of support services to the customers.

Support engineers stay almost “invisible” while making life of their customers easier. They help businesses focus on what really matters with no interruptions, which inevitably leads to higher business results.

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