SharePoint Search Portal Development for a Consulting Company

SharePoint Search Portal Development for a Consulting Company

Consulting, Professional Services


The Customer is an international consulting company that supports institutions, family businesses, and entrepreneurs in such areas as business strategy, commercial and strategic planning.


Extending the set of services, the Customer aimed to provide end users with high-quality content (exclusive news, unique digests, event overviews, etc.). The content was stored in a PDF-document library in multiple virtual storages. Over 2,000 pdfs were being added to the library annually.

The goal was to create a search portal to facilitate content search and user access to the library. The solution was required to have a user-friendly UI and be accessible from mobile devices. The Customer intended to automate email notifications to users via the system.

The project had to be fulfilled within a very short timeframe of only 3 weeks.


To cover the Customer’s business needs, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 On-Premise platform was chosen as the one that has all the critical features such as a powerful search and indexing engine, flexible user access rights, enterprise-level security and archiving capabilities.

The implemented system allows to search the PDF-document library by criteria that is based on the metadata associated with each document. To provide users with precise search results, the system uses taxonomic terms. A custom console was created to import documents and their search attributes to the system.

The system’s mobile version provides users with desktop-like filtering and search capabilities. Targeted emailing was designed in line with the Customer’s needs. Administrators on the Customer’s side are able to enrich the content base with new PDFs, add new portal users and grant them the access rights.

Our team designed the portal to comply with the Customer’s corporate style.


The SharePoint search portal allowed to centralize numerous PDF documents that were located across multiple virtual storages. Owing to powerful search capabilities, end users are able to instantly get accurate data using both desktop and mobile versions of the system. Monthly newsletters are regularly delivered to the users.

The project was completed on time and in compliance with the Customer’s requirements.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft Office SharePoint 2013, jQuery, Visual Studio 2012, OpenXML SDK 2.5, WSP Builder, VSTO.

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