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SharePoint Employee Portal Testing to Ensure Flawless Experience for 20,000+ Users

SharePoint Employee Portal Testing to Ensure Flawless Experience for 20,000+ Users

Telecommunications, Media


The Customer is an international telecommunications and media company having $10 billion in assets and providing digital services to more than 50 million clients worldwide.


The Customer had a SharePoint employee portal for 20,000+ potential users developed. The Customer needed to check whether the functionality of the new portal was compliant with the requirements specification. Moreover, as the data from the Customer’s legacy platform was migrated to the new portal, the Customer needed to validate seamless migration of data. Additionally, as the Customer’s employees were located internationally, the Customer needed to check if the new portal was able to identify users by their location and adapt the navigation language accordingly.


ScienceSoft’s test team studied the requirements to the portal’s functionality and, based on them, outlined the scope of testing activities, which included functional, data migration, and localization testing.

To check whether the portal’s functionality corresponded to that specified by the Customer, ScienceSoft’s test team performed functional testing combining both exploratory and scripted approaches.

The exploratory approach allowed the test engineers to quickly investigate the portal’s core functionality and find critical defects that could impede the interaction with the portal.

Using the scripted approach, the test team created comprehensive checklists for every requirement to be validated. For instance, they verified such functionality as the process of creating documents, events, news, and surveys; the process of sending and receiving notifications; the process of accessing user profiles, and more.

To validate the migration of data from the legacy system to the new portal, the test engineers carried out data migration testing. The testing team verified the integrity of the migrated data and validated that the portal’s functionality met the Customer’s requirements after the data migration.

Further, the testing team carried out localization testing. ScienceSoft’s test engineers checked whether the portal was able to identify users by their location to adapt the navigation language (either English or Spanish) and display localized content depending on it.

The defects uncovered during the testing process were reported to the Customer. As soon as the defects were fixed, the test engineers retested the functionality in point and performed regression testing to make sure the fixes did not harm or alter the portal’s intended behavior.


Testing performed by ScienceSoft allowed the Customer to ensure that:

  • One month after the roll out, no critical defects were found in production.
  • The Customer’s data was complete, consistent, and accurate after the migration to the new portal.
  • The portal’s contents was rendered correctly in the two target languages.

Technologies and Tools

Application technologies: SharePoint Online, SPFx, Azure App Service, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure WebJobs, React JS.

Testing tools: Atlassian Jira.

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