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L1-L3 Support for System One, a 9,000-Employee Company

L1-L3 Support for System One, a 9,000-Employee Company

Information Technology


For over three years, ScienceSoft has delivered L1–L3 support to System One, an international provider of outsourced services and workforce solutions.

About System One

System One is a leading provider of specialized, highly technical outsourced services and workforce solutions to critical infrastructure, technology, life sciences, and government sectors. Founded more than 40 years ago as a staffing partner to the engineering industry, today System One is a diversified organization operating in over 50 locations and putting more than 9,000 people to work in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. System One uses multiple cloud-based solutions (Applicant Tracking/CRM, HR/Payroll, ERP, Timecard/Expense, etc.) and several custom solutions in its daily operations. Through employee attrition, System One needed additional resources to support the custom applications and to monitor and resolve data integration issues between the various cloud applications. So, System One decided to engage a professional IT help desk vendor to handle these time-consuming tasks. In addition to L1-L2 agents, System One wanted to outsource an L3 engineer to evolve and maintain the company’s proprietary software. 

L1–L3 Support and Evolution for 6 Enterprise Software Systems

System One hired ScienceSoft to deliver L1–L3 help desk services covering six of its enterprise solutions:

  • A custom timecard and expense system.
  • System One’s proprietary vendor management system (VMS) for processing clients' requests for new candidates.
  • System One’s proprietary application integration and reporting solution that aggregates information about employees from all the above systems.
  • Integration to/from an ATS/CRM system for recruitment and staffing automation.
  • Integration to/from an enterprise HR/Payroll system.
  • Integration to/from an enterprise resource planning and finance management system.

L1–L2 Support for System One’s Employees on a 12/5 Basis

ScienceSoft provided a team lead and five support agents who quickly grasped the specifics of each enterprise solution. The agents support System One's employees on a 12/5 basis, performing the following tasks:

  • Handling all support issues for the custom timecard and expense system.
  • Assigning recruiters in the ATS and the proprietary integration and reporting solution as needed for commission purposes when users do not follow the proper procedures.
  • Adding new user accounts to System One’s proprietary integration and reporting solution.
  • Creating new project profiles and adding System One's clients to the proprietary VMS.
  • Monitoring the automation code and jobs that integrate data between the various systems and populate custom databases. Analyze and restart jobs as needed.

L3 Support, Software Evolution, and Data Synchronization across Multiple Systems

To maintain and support the custom data integration across all of System One's solutions, ScienceSoft appointed a database engineer with 12 years of experience. His activities include:

  • Creating and maintaining the stored procedures within the custom system databases using C#, T-SQL, and Python.
  • Aggregating data from the databases of several systems in a data warehouse and ensuring it has a uniform format for reporting.

After a year of successful cooperation, System One engaged another .NET engineer from ScienceSoft and charged him with maintaining and evolving its proprietary integration and reporting solution. Working closely with the database engineer, .NET specialist developed new features and built a CI/CD pipeline for the solution (incl. delivery and builds automation, creation of development environments).

ScienceSoft and System One have established a transparent communication flow. ScienceSoft's L1-L3 engineers and System One's support managers meet once a week to review any outstanding support issues, discuss completed tasks, and make further plans for maintaining agile program development. Teams meet frequently to quickly resolve routine issues and discuss the accomplished tasks. Also, ScienceSoft’s L1-L2 team lead prepares monthly KPI reports to keep System One updated on our activities.

Lisa Biondi, CIO at System One, says:

ScienceSoft has been our IT partner for several years and their support has become an integral part of System One’s operations. We have partnered with them to take over application support and development in several critical areas, far beyond the usual help desk activities. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s daily support and continued software development, our expanded IT Team is able to efficiently support our shared services, recruiting and sales teams in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment.

Key Results for System One

  • 1,000+ resolved requests, including complex changes to the software code and IT infrastructure, over the three years of effective collaboration.
  • Increased employee performance thanks to the transfer of time-consuming administrative tasks to ScienceSoft’s help desk team.
  • Continuous evolution of System One's proprietary software thanks to the delivery of new custom features and reliable CI/CD automation.
  • Data consistency across five enterprise systems thanks to continuous data synchronization, system integration, and database enhancement.

Tools and Technologies

Platforms: Bullhorn, ADP, Sage Intacct.

Programming languages: C#, Python, T-SQL.

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