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IoT Consulting and IoT PaaS Design for an IT Services Provider

IoT Consulting and IoT PaaS Design for an IT Services Provider

Information Technology, Software products


The Customer is a European provider of IT consulting and infrastructure services. The company establishes and optimizes IT infrastructures of their clients, who operate mostly in the industrial sector.


To help organizations streamline their digital transformation initiatives, the Customer decided to launch Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that would enable its users to build relevant IIoT applications quickly and without coding. However, the Customer did not have sufficient IoT expertise for the project, so they were looking for an experienced IoT consulting vendor in order to lay the groundwork for further PaaS development.


ScienceSoft’s team of a business analyst, a project manager, a solution architect, and a DevOps consultant engaged in the project.

The team organized several meetings with the Customer to grasp their vision of future PaaS and translate it into requirements. The Customer’s key requirements to the IIoT platform architecture were hybrid deployment with the system components being hosted both on-premises and in the cloud and the absence of dependence on a particular cloud services vendor.

Based on the Customer’s vision, ScienceSoft’s team prepared high-level project assumptions, evaluated high-level project risks, and drafted a risk management strategy. After that, the team defined detailed functional, security, performance, deployment, and configuration requirements to IIoT PaaS and stated them in a requirements specification.

Then, the project team designed the architecture for the future IIoT Platform-as-a-Service and prepared software deployment schemes. The designed architecture comprised the platform, tenant, and service levels. The architecture was to be realized using open-source technologies and provided for deployment to different cloud services providers, including AWS and Microsoft Azure.


The Customer obtained a PaaS architecture design document and a system requirements specification that laid the groundwork for IIoT PaaS development. The Customer plans to continue their cooperation on the project with ScienceSoft.


Q&A sessions, functional decomposition, business requirements analysis.

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