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1,000 Detailed 3D Models for an Interior Design AR App

1,000 Detailed 3D Models for an Interior Design AR App



The Customer is a European IT company that provides 3D product design and product configuration services. They assist manufacturing and retail industries in creating 3D models of products for further use in online stores and AR apps.


The Customer’s client – a large European furniture chain – planned to launch an interior design AR app and requested 3D copies of their entire product catalog (more than 1,000 items). Since the scope of work was immense, the Customer needed help of a contractor. Experienced in both 3D modeling and augmented reality services, ScienceSoft was chosen as the most reliable partner for the project.


A team of 7 professional 3D designers were assigned to create realistic 3D models using photos of real furniture items as basis.

It was agreed to cooperate under T&M since the time necessary for building a single model varied from 2 hours to 3 weeks depending on the complexity of a furniture piece. For example, creating a 3D model of a wooden chair required simple geometric shape projection, whereas building a model of a leather transformer sofa involved texture mapping (a technique to simulate the surface of an object) and animation to show motion.

The goal was to make the models as realistic as possible and showcase all existing functionality so as to help clients fully perceive the product via interacting with its virtual copy. At the same time, ScienceSoft’s design team strived to optimize models for faster load by reducing the number of triangles and nods.

3d sofa models for ar


In a year and a half, ScienceSoft’s designers created over 1,000 detailed 3D models, thus catching up with the existing product catalogu. After the furniture chain rolled out their AR interior design solution and saw a significant boost in sales, it was decided that ScienceSoft will continue to maintain existing 3D models and create new ones for new items.

Technologies and Tools

Autodesk 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop

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