Development of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

Development of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

Software products, BFSI
Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), React.js


The Customer is a US software development company that focuses on solutions for car insurance companies and carmakers. Among the Customer’s clients and partners are America’s top insurance companies and world-known auto manufacturing brands.


The Customer needed web development and augmented reality services to create a solution for filling in car damage claims. The app’s objective was to guide a car insurance company client through a description of damage with the use of standardized forms and a 3D car model.


The solution is a web application, designed to conveniently fit the screens of mobile devices. The language of the interface is location-based and can change automatically.

Each screen of the app is a step in filling in the claim. A client is asked to type their contacts in text boxes, upload photos with vehicle information and then select damaged parts on a 3D car model of an original sedan, created by a ScienceSoft’s 3D graphics expert. When a part of a car model (tire / windshield / hood / bumper / etc.) is selected, the app offers a short list of options to describe the kind and extent of the damage.

The options differ in accordance with the part: gauged / flat for tire; cracked / broken for windows; paint scratches / dent for surface (with additional dent-size variants). A user can make and attach a photo to each damaged part individually.

When completed, a claim is uploaded to the backend and put in the queue for analysts’ estimation. Once the results are up, a user receives an email / text notification and can either order a payment check or choose a repair facility from the list. The distance to each facility is automatically calculated and can be transformed in a route on a map.

At the end of each successful estimation, the screen with three questions and 5-star scales asks a user to rate their experience. The feedback – if given – is uploaded to the company’s backend.


Completely satisfied with the application, the customer was willing to continue cooperation and has already launched joint backend development and integration projects. Furthermore, the customer wants ScienceSoft to work on the app’s updates, including development of 6 more 3D car models and YELP rating integration for a repair facilities list.

Technologies and Tools

CSS3 / HTML5, Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender, WebStorm, webpack, React, three.js, Google Maps JavaScript API.

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