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Alex Zyil

I supervise ScienceSoft’s mobile development practice.
Head of Mobile Department,

Alex joined ScienceSoft in 2002, right after getting his Bachelor’s degree in engineering. Back at the time, he was the only member of the company’s Mobile App Development Department that was just starting out. With neither Android nor iOS yet existing, Alex was helping to create software for initial mobile platforms: his first outsourced development project was an offline mobile music store for Symbian OS-powered cellphones.

During his work at ScienceSoft as a developer, Alex was able to directly experience the changes and growth of mobile technologies. As the company’s mobile projects grew bigger, so did the department itself, and in 2010 Alex was given the position of Head of Mobile Development. In the early 2010s, the department was large enough to be divided into iOS and Android sub-departments, and Alex was the immediate candidate for the role of their coordinator.

Alex has been the main driving force of ScienceSoft’s mobile app development for the past decade. He supervises everyone involved in mobile app development, which makes him the person responsible for the success of more than 300 mobile projects that ScienceSoft has implemented since 2010. Some of the major mobile projects Alex supervised include the development of a camera app for a global leader in image processing as well as implementation of an IPTV app for a streaming service that works with MTV and Fox Entertainment.

Under Alex’s leadership, the Mobile Development Department grew from just around 30 to 150 experts in various mobile technologies. He continues to expand the department, thus vastly enriching ScienceSoft’s competency in the mobile development realm, and sometimes shares his expert opinions on ScienceSoft’s blog.

The secret behind any outstanding mobile app is in being able to envision large success in yet the slightest possibilities.

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