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Deployment of an Email Tracking Tool for Dynamics 365 for a Fintech Company

Deployment of an Email Tracking Tool for Dynamics 365 for a Fintech Company

Dynamics CRM, EmailScoop


The Customer is a European fintech company offering structured investment products to financial institutions, such as partner banks and insurance companies.


The Customer needed to replace their Microsoft Dynamics 365 email tracking tool as they encountered problems with the faulty tracking of emails and appointments from Outlook (some of the emails and appointments got lost or were not associated with correct contact). It led to gaps in customer communication, affected its consistency and overall efficiency. Besides, to ensure correct synchronization, users had to sign in both to Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which added to user inconvenience.


To address the Customer’s challenges, ScienceSoft’s team replaced the Customer’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 email tracking tool with ScienceSoft’s email tracking product, EmailScoop. EmailScoop accurately tracks all incoming and outgoing emails in Microsoft Dynamics 365 via any email provider. The tool’s functionality allowed to upload, match and synchronize more than 30,000 emails the Customer had on the server from the pre-CRM period. Another capability valued by the Customer was the automated creation of new CRM contacts from emails. The tool analyzed emails, and if they were not from a CRM contact, a new contact with all its necessary attributes was created automatically. It helped to improve the Customer’s client communication, since no valuable interaction was lost, and all the sales-related communication history was instantly available.

The end users could also benefit from the following EmailScoop capabilities:

  • Automated tracking of proposals, quotes and other sales-related attachments in Microsoft Word and PDF file formats.
  • Exceptions and privacy settings. The settings ensure that emails from certain CRM contacts shouldn’t be tracked if a CRM contact is marked as do not synchronize with. It allows to reduce the amount of spam and other unwanted messages.
  • Automated synchronization of appointments from Outlook with CRM. Due to synchronization, Outlook appointments are accurately tracked and appear in the CRM activity feed.

Tracking emails with EmailScoop didn’t require signing in to both Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which was another pro regarding user convenience.


The Customer got a reliable email tracking tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365, which adds to uninterrupted communication with customers. Accurate email and appointment tracking along with the tracking of attachments relevant to these appointments and emails contribute to that.

Technologies and Tools

EmailScoop, Dynamics 365 API, EWS (Exchange Web Service), Windows Service, .NET, C#.

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