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Overlooking your customers’ opinions, whether they are voiced or not, is dangerous. Our goal is to enable your full-scale control over your customers’ experience and provide enhanced visibility into the loopholes for you to step in and adjust your service where and when necessary.

With 11 years developing CRM & Loyalty solutions, we have the right toolkit and hands-on knowledge to bring customer experience management to life for B2C companies in practice, not just in theory. 

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What Makes CXM, in Practice

We have an in-depth, rooted in practice understanding of what makes customer experience management in B2C industries such as retail, healthcare, telecom, banking and more.

These are must-have modules for B2C companies eager to see real-life benefits of customer experience management equally for their bottom-line and reputation.

The CXM cycleCXM cycle

And we are the team to assist you at each of these stages.

CX data collection

Automated, cross-channel collection of CX data

Proactive gathering of customer satisfaction information

You don’t have to wait till your customers voice their complaints directly (it can never happen but conceal a growing dissatisfaction). With a properly tuned CXM solution, you will be able to turn on your Voice of the Customer programs across channels (review websites, in-store surveys, social media, etc.) and proactively gather business-critical data to predict and influence potential surges in customer dissatisfaction.

Internal sourcing of CX data

Making every relevant system supply CX-related data will help you to stay aware of all accidents that may affect your customers’ experience with your brand. Be it the wrong invoice sent, long queues to checkouts or out-of-stock products, you will be in the loop, not out of it.

Integrated analytics

Integrated analytics at every customer touch point

Smart segmentation based on customer satisfaction value

We know that not every feedback matters. Our CXM software solutions will help you perform a smart segmentation of your customers based on the impact of their satisfaction levels on your business in terms of both sales and overall brand loyalty.

Thinking in clusters

Where you can’t approach each customer personally, there is the technology to do that for you. With advanced analytical capabilities of your CXM solution, you’ll be able to drill down your data within specific customer clusters defined by their demographic, psychographic, geographic and other criteria for a more precise picture.

Picking the influencers

Customers can be easily swayed by a number of factors, including others’ opinions. We take it seriously by enabling you to identify and approach the local influencers based on the rich data sourced via the CXM solution. Once you’re on good terms, no emergency in the customer land could put you out.

Monitoring your brand health

Taking care of your brand image is also a part of customer experience management. Beyond public relations, it’s one of your major resources to create a sustainable customer experience. We can make your CXM software the tool to identify all undercurrents that may influence your brand image and then timely respond to them.

Strategic actions

​Precise actions that make a difference

Automating scenarios for corrective actions

Our customer experience consulting team worked out the scenarios that will help you put your data insights to the right use. We will translate your policies for addressing customer issues into easily adoptable and motivating workflows that will be able to unite multiple departments’ efforts. With these technologically aided scenarios to take preventive, immediate or long-term actions, you will never miss a critical step in bridging the gap between your brand and your audience.

Cross-team collaboration

Customer experience management is the cause that should bring together all of your staff members. Make your CXM platform the door to cross-team collaboration with transparent, single-view access to both data and people whenever they need them to exceed customers’ expectations, again.


Re-evaluation to guide your move forward

Reaping the results

Your efforts shouldn’t just hang in the air. With efficient mechanisms to discover and analyze the impact of your customer experience management activities on your select KPIs, you will tap into the dynamics of your customer acquisition costs and ROI both for C-level reporting and adjusting your CX strategy.

Reloading your CX strategy

With important insights on your hands, you will be able to implement a new vision into your CX strategy, where and when necessary. Your flexible and transparent CXM solution will adapt to changes and reload the entire process automatically with minimum time and efforts required.


Dynamics CRM and SalesforceEach of the CXM element described above will come alive under the guidance of our customer experience consulting team. They know how to unfold the CXM capabilities of the market-leading software platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) and Salesforce with the maximum impact on and compatibility with your business.

We deliver the full cycle of CXM consulting and platform customization services that include:

  • business analysis & conceptual roadmapping
  • platform customization
  • data cleaning & migration
  • system integration
  • maintenance
  • user adoption trainings
We focus on your brands, not company

We believe that in B2C customer experience management is vital to implement at the brand level, not at the one of the entire company. With a portfolio of brands, B2C enterprises are likely to differentiate their offering and, as a result, customer experience to find the right approach to their particular target audiences.

We support this differentiating approach with customer experience consulting that takes into account the brand’s history, mission and image to come up with a precise solution.

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