Customer Experience Management in B2B


We deliver customer experience consulting and turnkey IT solutions as vehicles of effective CX strategies. 

For many B2B enterprises, customer experience management is still a notion beyond ordinary, which remains a concept with no practical application.

We believe, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the B2B environment, where accounts can include more than one contact and where customers’ issues frequently require a cross-departmental assistance, we address these challenges by bringing together the best of CXM theory and practice around the core of CRM software

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CXM Opportunities

For 11 years in CRM consulting, we’ve been helping B2B companies shape and evolve their relationships with customers. Whether your enterprise is looking for a new CRM enriched with CXM capabilities or want to introduce a CXM twist to the existing system, our holistic solutions will respond to your challenges and help to deliver a better value consistently at all the customer touchpoints.

Post-sale pipeline

Post-sale pipeline

Extend and visualize your pipeline to the post-sale stage of customer service and re-engagement, pinpoint opportunities to make your relationship stronger along the entire customer journey and grow your business from one relationship milestone to another.

Voice of the customer

Voice of the customer

Gain insights into the dynamics of customer satisfaction based on automated survey management and customer feedback monitoring. Identify sore points in your customers’ experience preemptively and enable a set of corrective actions with trackable statuses to improve relationships in each particular case.

Company-level CX visibility

Company-level CX visibility

Source and analyze CX-related information across the departments of marketing, sales, production, billing, delivery, maintenance, support, etc. to identify any frustrating gaps and customer service mishaps as they happen. Bring together the responsible members within a single platform integrated with the business-critical applications, and timely address the revealed customer issues in a technologically aided workflow.

Customer issues: Immediate and long-term actions

Customer issues: Immediate and long-term actions

Use the rich data sourced from your Voice of the Customer programs and company-wide insights on customer experience at all the touchpoints to trigger automated scenarios for addressing revealed customer issues. Identify repeating patterns and introduce long-term corrections to strategically increase customer satisfaction, retention and revenue from the existing accounts.

Personalized communication

Personalized communication

Tap into your customers’ precise needs and preferences and trigger personalized, timely messages via automated email and content marketing mechanisms. Find out what will work best to elevate your partnership and hit the target with an effective communication strategy for each of your strategic customers.

Omni-channel customer service\

Omni-channel customer service

Integrate your CRM and customer support facilities to address customers’ issues across channels – call center, web, mobile, social and offline, always delivering personalized and competent help.

CXM in Action: How We Do It

We know how to turn a CRM system into a holistic CX platform at lesser costs and efforts compared to a custom solution built from scratch. We’ll make it the vehicle of your CX strategy and bring it to life, integrating the CXM solution with your deployed enterprise systems, such as ERP, website and customer support.

Our CXM solutions not only collect business-critical data but create a better value through timely and effective actions aimed at increasing customer satisfactionengagement and loyalty. Ultimately, this is what grows businesses.  

To help you tap into a truly holistic customer experience management across channels, we deliver a CRM-based CX solution with the following capabilities


  • data collection at every customer-related touchpoint (including ERP, billing, etc.)
  • customer segmentation
  • customer support integration (call center, live chat, self-service portal, etc.)
  • management of customer feedback and satisfaction reviews  
  • marketing automation: email marketing, content personalization
  • loyalty management, including integration of third-party loyalty program solutions
  • customizable reporting with a wide array of customer experience metrics

Why ScienceSoft

  • 30 years in Information Technology
  • 20,000+ hours of CCM projects
  • 120+ active clients

We Deliver Turnkey Solutions

ScienceSoft is a one-stop IT vendor with a complete list of competencies to deliver turnkey CXM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) and Salesforce. We start by aligning the definition of customer experience with your enterprise specifics and stick to your business goals as our guidelines throughout the project.

The full scope of our services include:

  • free kick-off consultation
  • conceptual roadmapping
  • business analysis
  • proof-of-concept
  • full-cycle CX platform customization
  • data migration
  • integration with enterprise systems
  • maintenance
  • support
  • user adoption trainings

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