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Implementation of Development Software for Creating Facebook Apps

Implementation of Development Software for Creating Facebook Apps

Marketing & Advertisement
MySQL, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Java


The Customer is a brand communications agency, created in 2010, that specializes in Social Media and helps brands make Facebook, Twitter, YouTube true CRM and customer acquisition tool.

The Company’s clients are major players in the entertainment, retail, tourism, finance industries in France and internationally.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft to develop a Social Media Dashboard as a self-service web platform for advertisers and agencies. The dashboard was meant to enable creating various social media applications and publishing them on Facebook.


ScienceSoft team developed an accessible online dashboard that allows companies to create apps, automatically publish them on Facebook as well as monitor social network activities and gather information about company’s fans. Before publishing an app, a company can set different apps’ parameters and specify conditions of users’ involvement.

The interaction process was organized as follows:

  • Log in to dashboard with unique credentials.
  • Choose among app templates (quiz, game, shop). Each template has its own models with different structure and unique way of app design.
  • Set app parameters and script (start/end date, all app’s images for fans or non-fans, congrat message as well as other messages for users, possibility of sharing results, specifying the information that must be filled in by users and so on) and conditions (necessity of pushing «like»-button to activate the app).

After all above-mentioned actions, the app is created and published on Facebook for broad access.

There is also an ability to track community activities, fan base evolution and prepare analytical reports through: KPIs (number of likes, number of comments and sharing) and fan list segmentation (by gender, age, country, city, language). All data is presented in graphic form and can be downloaded in .xls format.


The Customer got a ready-to-use platform that significantly simplifies app creation and publishing process. The Customer was satisfied with ScienceSoft’s work therefore our team had very positive feedback. The Dashboard is currently used by different advertisers and agencies in France and abroad.

Technologies and Tools

Spring 2.5.3, Wicket 1.4, Hibernate 3, MySQL, Junit, JavaScript, Java.

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