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Testing of a B2C Ecommerce Solution for a Multi-Industry Company

Testing of a B2C Ecommerce Solution for a Multi-Industry Company

Retail, Consumer Goods, Restaurants, Oil & Gas, Travel & Hospitality


The Customer is a multi-industry company running chains of gas stations, roadside diners, gardening centers, as well as retail and wholesale stores nationwide.


The Customer had an elaborate ERP system, BI module and a website encompassing an online B2B store. Looking to expand trade opportunities, the Customer decided to establish another e-store catering for individuals.

The new B2C e-store had to be integrated with the Customer’s ERP system while the old B2B store remained fully functional. In the course of the project, a new functional block was introduced due to the changes in legislation (introduction of obligatory electronic invoices in July 2016). The new block allowed for creating, signing and storing electronic invoices as well as processing of electronic invoices from the Customer’s partners.

The project set 2 major challenges for the testing team:

  • Assuring the compliance of the B2C e-store with the Customer’s requirements and detecting possible bugs in a timely manner
  • Assuring that the new e-store was seamlessly integrated with the ERP, the new functional block and the old B2B e-store.


To address the challenges above, ScienceSoft’s testing team relied on the following types of testing:

Requirement-based testing

ScienceSoft’s testing team studied the Customer’s e-store requirements and created test cases. Test collection was constantly updated with test cases covering all the new features prior to their implementation. The testing team ran regression testing of all related areas, when a new feature was implemented. Critical path testing was performed after regression testing.

To simulate the real environment, the testing team reproduced a copy of production database. All bugs were linked to test cases and the Customer’s requests. This made it easy even for a newcomer to identify a bug and study dependencies between features.

The team was able to test the e-store both as customers and administrators. The testing team performed:

  • UX testing (creating/cancelling orders in the e-store, ‘checkout journey’)
  • UI testing of the e-store to ensure that the goods are displayed correctly
  • unit testing of the ERP and the reporting module to ensure that the modules react to changes in the e-store correctly (.NET and C# were employed)

Integration testing

The testing team performed integration testing to ensure that the ERP correctly processed the requests from both e-stores. Then the team tested a new catalog of goods developed for the B2C e-store.

To ensure compliance with updates in legislation, ScienceSoft’s testing team prepared checklists to test a newly developed ERP block for working with electronic invoices. ScienceSoft’s testing team performed:

  • smoke tests of the electronic invoices generated in the ERP and the stability of the system
  • unit testing of the new block
  • integration testing to ensure seamless integration with other parts of the system
  • regression testing of the system
  • positive/negative testing of the features to cover all possible scenarios

Then, the testing team started regular testing activities aimed at improving the e-store further. The team performed requirement-based testing of the ERP system upon the Customer’s request, unit testing of the ERP and regression testing of the system before each release, as well as positive/negative testing of new features.


The Customer obtained a fully functioning B2C e-store, and ScienceSoft’s testing team thoroughly tested its integration with the Customer’s ERP and BI modules and the B2B e-store created earlier. The team also performed comprehensive testing of the new functional block ensuring swift adaptation to the changes in legislation.

The new e-store facilitated expanding trade opportunities and optimizing trade channels, as it catered for clients nationwide.

Technologies and Tools

Atlassian JIRA, VMWare Workstation, MS Analysis Services, Mindjet Mind Manager, SQL Server Management Studio, XML, SQL Server Reporting Services,.NET, C#, Perforce

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