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Web Application Development: a Restaurant Catalog

Web Application Development: a Restaurant Catalog

Marketing & Advertisement, Restaurants
Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Java


The Customer is a large yellow page company in Europe.


The Customer wanted to develop a catalog of restaurants giving users an easy access to the most comprehensive information and allowing contacting restaurants directly from the app. Having chosen our team as reliable web application developers, the Customer tasked us to make the app mobile-friendly too.



The application allows searching restaurants by cuisine, location and name. Search results can be further filtered according to different parameters such as rating, chef rating or available booking times.

For each restaurant, the catalog provides the following information: address, rating, average meal price for one person, client reviews, working hours, picture gallery and location on the map. Users can also call from within the application, send an e-mail or order a taxi.

Technical solution

From the very project start, the team decided to use Spring MVC for back-end development because it can be easily interpreted on different platforms. Spring MVC provides model-view-controller architecture and ready components that can be used to develop flexible and loosely coupled web applications. The MVC pattern results in separating the different aspects of the application (input logic, business logic, and UI logic) while providing a loose coupling between these elements. The front-end part uses JavaScript and Handlebars.js.


The Customer has launched a mobile-friendly restaurant catalog designed in line with their business requirements.

Technologies and Tools

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ajax, Handlebars, Java, Spring MVC.

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