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Operations Management Software Review and Evolution for Cyber Graphics

Operations Management Software Review and Evolution for Cyber Graphics

Manufacturing, Media, Marketing & Advertisement
Java, React.js


ScienceSoft provided fast review and evolution of operations management software (OMS) for Cyber Graphics, a global provider of packaging prepress and production services. Thanks to ScienceSoft’s approach, the Customer was able to get OMS’s code and architecture reviewed in a month and new functionality developed within 4 months.

About Cyber Graphics

Cyber Graphics, a US-based provider of all-round packaging prepress and production services – from branding ideation to manufacturing. Today, the company operates globally and serves design agencies, printing service providers, and brand owners from the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Cyber Graphics continuously advances the technology stack they rely on and adopt new business models to offer flexibility in responding to businesses' unique packaging needs and ensure timely and accurate customer order fulfillment.

Cyber Graphics wanted to improve performance, security, UX and UI of their existing operations management solution, as well as evolve the software with new features. The company searched for tech talents with deep expertise in custom software development to augment their in-house IT team.

Team Augmentation for Operations Management Software Review and Evolution

Cyber Graphics selected ScienceSoft to review the architecture and code base of Cyber Graphics’ OMS, as well as assist in developing new functionality. ScienceSoft’s team started with a thorough analysis of Cyber Graphics’ needs and eliciting requirements for OMS evolution. To meet the expected project timeframes and budget, ScienceSoft offered a flexible approach to cooperation with on-demand scalability of resources and different pricing models (fixed-price for the assessment and T&M for the development).

OMS Architecture and Code Review

In just a month, ScienceSoft’s team fully adjusted to the Customer’s sprints, analyzed the architecture of the solution and the existing Java and React.js code bases and assessed their influence on the solution’s security, performance, UX and UI aspects. Upon review completion, ScienceSoft’s team provided a detailed report with the description of the solution’s current tech state and expert suggestions on the optimization of particular components. Working in close collaboration with the Customer’s team, ScienceSoft’s developers modified the solution’s React.js code to improve the solution’s UX and UI.

Developing a Capacity Management Module and Search Functionality for OMS

Cyber Graphics appreciated the in-depth tech skills and professional approach of ScienceSoft’s team and continued the cooperation with us at the OMS evolution stage.

To make the existing OMS more relevant to Cyber Graphics’ resource planning and operations control needs, ScienceSoft helped design and implement a module for capacity management. The new module allows for streamlined task scheduling for employees involved in service and production operations and provides end-to-end visibility of labor and material resources utilization.

Also, ScienceSoft’s experts delivered robust search functionality that covered a range of new components, such as configurable user notifications, pagination, data filtering, auto-saving of user settings, and more. The search module helps facilitate and speed up OMS database navigation for the Cyber Graphics’ employees involved in operations management.

Daniel Tacker, IT System Analyst at Cyber Graphics, says:

“We relied on ScienceSoft’s software development competence to reinforce our in-house team working on the evolution of our operations management system. ScienceSoft’s experts managed to fit in with our teamwork smoothly and conducted an all-encompassing technical review of the solution within a month. Owing to ScienceSoft’s expertise in agile development, we got biweekly feature releases and were able to complete the design and implementation of the required functionality in less than 4 months.

We particularly appreciate ScienceSoft’s flexible, client-oriented approach to cooperation and pricing, which helped us get the required scope of quality services on time and on budget. We continue our collaboration with ScienceSoft on further OMS evolution and would recommend them as a reliable and trustworthy tech partner”.

Owing to years-long practical expertise in building operations management software, ScienceSoft’s team managed to cover the most complicated, non-trivial tasks on new OMS functionality development and introduce new modules within 4 months.

Key Outcomes for the Customer

  • Optimized OMS evolution project costs due to ScienceSoft’s flexible approach to cooperation and services pricing.
  • Expert review of the operations management solution’s architecture and code base within a month.
  • Streamlined capacity planning and optimized resource utilization due to a new OMS module developed on time and on budget.
  • Improved productivity of the operations management team due a new search module.

Technologies and Tools

React.js, Java.

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