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Development of Graphic Design Software

Development of Graphic Design Software

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The customer is a European provider of interactive online collaboration tools.


The Customer was looking for partner to develop a convenient client-server application, allowing users to create customized graphics when preparing designs for printing.


ScienceSoft’s Java team delivered a solution consisting of two parts - clipping/cutting tool & text editor tool.

The clipping/cutting tool allowed:

  • Creating image clipping paths.
  • Converting images from SVG to PNG and vice versa.
  • Smoothing angles of clipped images with the help of Bezier splines.

A user was also able to create and edit several image layers, add new text or new image/clipart, edit colors, clip/cut selected areas.

For drawing curves (Bezier lines) and providing user-friendly interactive interface while drawing the lines, Raphaël library was used. The clipped/cut areas were stored in SVG format.

The text editor tool helped to add text to designs. A user could smoothly adjust the shape of the text to the chosen geometrical figure. Client code created SVG from the text with a help of Cufon library and sent a set of points obtained from SVG to the server. The server applied the needed affine transformations and created image with the text.


The tools were successfully integrated into the larger Customer’s product as a separate part of it.

Technologies and Tools

Clipping/cutting tool: Java, JavaScript, Ajax, Apache Batik, Raphaël, Java SE.

Text editor: Java, PhantomJS, Cufon, Apache Batik.

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