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Intranet Migration to SharePoint for a US Bank

Intranet Migration to SharePoint for a US Bank

Financial Services
SharePoint, Office 365


The end Customer is a US bank with $700 million in assets that provides mortgage services, personal and business loans, checking accounts, savings accounts and more.


The bank had an obsolete corporate portal. It looked like an information hub with a collection of HTML pages and related links. Design, content management and navigation were quite primitive. There were no capabilities for searching, managing and sharing documents, to say nothing of communication between employees. What is more, each employee had non-restricted access to all the portal’s information. It was especially harmful for a financial institution, as sensitive information disclosure could lead to identity theft or fraud.

The Customer turned to ScienceSoft for intranet migration to SharePoint. The bank opted for the cloud deployment and wanted to move all the portal’s data to Office 365. The Customer also required a mobile version of the intranet.


Having 10+ years of experience in SharePoint migration, ScienceSoft undertook the task to turn the bank’s portal into a SharePoint intranet. The employees of the Customer already had accounts and subscriptions in Office 365, which simplified migration. The process went in two stages: first, ScienceSoft’s team migrated the files and then the pages. In this way, all information and permissions were transferred to the cloud entirely. In addition, our team created a mobile version of the intranet.

The team created a data management system, which allowed keeping the documents of each department separately. It also granted relevant permissions to the employees. What is more, data loss prevention policy of Office 365 provided identifying, monitoring and automatic protection of sensitive information, for example, credit card numbers.

ScienceSoft’s team customized the intranet navigation by making the left-hand menu expanding/collapsing upon a click. Besides, our team created the custom Tiles Web Part to implement SharePoint Tiles, such as Forms, Policies & Procedures, Operations, Compliance and more. Our SharePoint specialists also enabled changing a background picture for each tile.


The Customer was satisfied with the results of intranet migration to SharePoint. It made the bank’s communication faster, more convenient and effective. The migration significantly increased the intranet’s performance and information security. On top of that, it paved the way for developing a more sophisticated architecture of the intranet and broader integration in future. The mobile version of the intranet allowed the bank’s employees to work remotely.

The custom Tiles Web Part allowed users to easily access certain functions through the graphic icons, thus making the intranet easy-to-use and attractive. The dropdown menu improved the intranet’s content layout and design and made the navigation smoother and more logical.

Technologies and Tools

Office 365, SharePoint Online, PowerShell, CSS, JavaScript

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