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Mobile Gaming Software Development

Mobile Gaming Software Development

Entertainment, Software products
Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Java, Android, iOS


A leading, independent producer and marketer of digital entertainment products and accessories in Europe and North America. Its business areas comprise distribution of media products, including movies, videogames and software products as well as game publishing.


As a video game publisher, the Customer needed a solution to gather data about users’ interests and gaming convention as well as provide them with maintenance portal for new games and game features. Therefore the Customer came to ScienceSoft to develop gaming system that could assist in gathering information about players, concerning their purchased products and gaming progress.


Taking into account all the Customer’s requirements and needs, ScienceSoft team decided to organize system structure in the following way:

  • Invisible for end users server backend, located in a virtualized environment, was designed to be scalable regarding a possible increased distribution of the project.
  • The frontend was divided into two main parts – the user area and the admin panel. Admin panel was designed as maintenance platform for the Customer’s employees therefore the access to the panel was restricted by firewall rules. Admin panel has an enriched function set, which allows easy manipulation of the stored data. Besides maintenance opportunity, the Customer’s employees are also able to add new content and integrate new titles to the system. In addition, it is possible to retrieve statistical evaluations on the collected data and methods to maintain the system or expand it with new titles.
  • The user area can be accessed from any platform via client API or via https port from any web browser. The use of the API provides functionality to submit and receive special game features. The user frontend has only a limited function set, which includes such actions as login, changing password, resending verification email and deleting account.

One of the most important system characteristic is a cross-platform design, which enables operating on different platforms. In addition, players can use their achievements and unlockables (game features, such as special items, bonus levels or trophies) in various game titles or from various platforms.


The Customer received a well-organized gaming platform in accordance with all their requirements as well as within planned custom software development cost and deadline. The platform allows the Company to provide better content, which fits into the gamers desires and improves their experience.

After evaluating platform’s features and advantages gamers were encouraged to purchase different game titles and participate in marketing campaigns.

Technologies and Tools

Backend: Java, JPA, Hibernate, Spring (MVC, IoC, Data, Secutiry), Jersey (JAX-RS), JavaMail API, JUnit, JMeter.

Frontend: JavaScript (Backbone.js, Underscore.js, jQuery, Require.js), HTML, CSS, JSP.

Platforms: XBOX, PS3, Windows, Android, Wp7, iOS

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