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Collaborative Development of a Data Warehouse

Collaborative Development of a Data Warehouse

Financial Services
PostgreSQL, Java, Angular.js


The Customer is an international payment provider headquartered in the UK.


The Customer was looking for a tech partner to implement a data warehouse for their core product, a global payment platform for businesses and individuals to streamline foreign bank-to-bank transfers. They needed a vendor with skilled software engineers to work together with their in-house data analyst in a Scrum-driven development environment. One of the major requirements for the vendor was the flexibility to scale up and down as the project demands.


The Customer chose to collaborate with ScienceSoft thanks to our 32-year experience in software development and data analytics. Based on the Customer’s requirements, we pre-selected several candidates for each of the 2 required positions – ETL/DWH developer and Java developer.

The selected developers embarked on the project immediately after the one-week visit to the Customer’s site for a knowledge transfer. ScienceSoft’s specialists integrated into the Customer’s development processes and covered their area of responsibility in Scrum sprints:

  • Setting up and maintaining the ETL process to integrate data into the data warehouse.
  • Developing Java-based scripts for data transformations and other ETL functions.
  • Carrying out operational tasks, such as data backups and system troubleshooting in production.
  • Deploying the data warehouse and code changes to UAT and Production environments.
  • Profiling and transforming data from the source systems with SQL.

The project was managed on the Customer’s side to give them the required control over the project planning and delivery. ScienceSoft’s developers maintained daily collaboration with the Customer’s in-house project manager and a data analyst via Skype. During the 8-month cooperation, ScienceSoft provided quick ramp-up up to 4 engineers and ramp-down back to 2 engineers to adjust to the changing scope of work, achieving both timely and cost-efficient completion of Scrum sprints.


The Customer leveraged technical expertise of ScienceSoft, eliminating recruitment expenses at the same time. As a result of cooperation with ScienceSoft’s developers, the Customer had the data warehouse delivered in time and maintained continuously.

Technologies and Tools

PostgreSQL, Java, REST API, JavaScript, Play Framework, AngularJS, jQuery.

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