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Olga Vinichuk

I help ScienceSoft’s customers from the insurance industry to shape the concept of solutions that would automate insurance processes.
Business Analyst and Insurance IT Consultant,

Olga has built a vibrant career at ScienceSoft as a business analyst and insurance IT consultant. She has started in 2015 and participated in 11 major projects, guiding eight of them as a leading business analyst.

As a business analyst, Olga studies customers’ needs and processes, identifies pain points and comes up with a set of precise requirements for solving them. One of her prominent projects in this role is the development of a customized healthcare CRM system for a medical center that allows scheduling and tracking interaction with patients, sending automated event notifications and asking patients for feedback via customizable surveys.

Throughout her practice, Olga has gained particularly deep knowledge in the insurance domain. As a consultant for ScienceSoft’s clients from this industry, she helps to digitally transform such processes as claims processing, policy management, regulatory compliance monitoring and underwriting. Olga is also involved in ScienceSoft’s long-term projects on outsourced product development, where she helps SaaS companies from the insurance domain to elaborate their ideas and bring their product to life from a concept to a functioning solution.

For example, Olga has applied her domain knowledge to one of our projects, which has been ongoing since 2017. It deals with the development of the proprietary calculation mechanism for insurance underwriters to help determine rates for every contract based on multiple parameters entered by the user. Olga participates in development effort estimations, ensures no important functionality is omitted and communicates with end users and product owners on the client’s side to elicit business requirements.

In the insurance industry, there’s no room for error. That’s why when building insurance-related software, it’s important to take everything into account, from general terminology to business and location specifics of the client you’re working with.

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