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Performance Testing of a Loyalty Program Application

Performance Testing of a Loyalty Program Application

Consumer Goods, Retail


The Customer is a Finnish retailing conglomerate engaged in the food trade, home and specialty goods trade, building and home improvement trade, car and machinery trade. It also has subsidiaries across Scandinavian and Baltic states and in Europe.


The Customer owns the widest and the most diverse customer loyalty program in Finland that provides their clients with benefits from more than 3,000 outlets and over 40 cooperation partners. The Customer was looking for a reliable testing services provider to test performance of their loyalty program application.


ScienceSoft’s professionals managed to carry out testing in an extremely short period right before the application’s release: 120h for the whole project including scripting, test runs, analysis and reporting.

During the tests, ScienceSoft’s team checked the following aspects:

  • The maximum number of simultaneous users that can be handled by the app.
  • Whether the application can handle 2000 users per hour for 24 hours in a row.
  • Stability of the environment under load for an extended period.
  • System bottlenecks.
  • System behavior under stress load.

The testing team had close communication with the development team to help them tune up the application.


Due to a well performed testing, the application has been released on time, and it is able to successfully handle the load of real users.

Short test runs and quick results analysis helped to tune up the system before going live (move frontends to less busy resource pool and add CPU to the frontend VMs).

There were no complaints on application’s performance during warranty period from end-users or the Customer.

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