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Modernization of Software for Copyright Interests Management

Modernization of Software for Copyright Interests Management

.NET, MS SQL Server


The German company that upholds the copyright interests of performing artists and record manufacturers.


The Customer needed to improve the solution that tracks appearance of musicians, actors, dancers and other performers as well as allows them to receive compensation for each product they participated and which was used medially. The main aim was to improve the existing solution for manipulating audio and video meta-data.


For its experience in software development services, the Customer chose ScienceSoft as an IT partner for this project.

Our experts analyzed his business needs and added some features that improved the solution overall and made it more accurate, fast and handy.

ScienceSoft’s team worked on not only improvement of existed modules, but also designed new ones from gathering requirements to development, testing and deployment.


The Customer got an improved solution that allows tracking number of artists’ demonstrations as well as collect various statistic data including payments to separate actors, musicians etc.

Technologies and Tools

C#, Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, TFS, MS SQL Server 2008, Windows Forms, Entity Framework 4.0, Mono, XForms.

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