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Testing of SharePoint Data Viewer

Testing of SharePoint Data Viewer

Information Technology, Software products


Leading Swiss provider of custom Business Applications and Solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint technologies. The Customer is Microsoft Certified Partner and has clients worldwide.


Due to increasing clients demand the Customer was seeking a reputable company for a long-term partnership. The Customer decided to launch a two weeks pilot project with ScienceSoft. Our testing team faced challenges as follows:

  • Carry out functional and automated testing on Data Viewer SharePoint component that is widely used in bespoke solutions delivered by the Customer.
  • Perform the full cycle functional testing of the end user and configuration parts of Data Viewer component for the following set of browsers: IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, Firefox, and Chrome.
  • Create an automated framework to test the end user part of Data Viewer component. The framework was supposed to support different localizations and be versatile for all Data Viewer Components available on the Customer’s web site.


ScienceSoft team designed and executed a set of test cases for manual functional testing. During the functional testing phase the team validated data setup and data mapping according to configuration of the component. All weak points found were stored and described in a detailed report that was provided to the Customer.

During the automated testing stage ScienceSoft checked data sorting and filtering in the component.

Combined data driven and keyword driven techniques allowed to create a test automation framework that addresses all the Customer’s requirements. The framework is compatible with various browsers such as IE 7, IE 8, IE 9 and IE 10. Moreover, the framework can be easily configured to run with any Data Viewer component on different sites and localizations.


ScienceSoft successfully met the Client’s testing needs. The Customer was delivered a robust, flexible and scalable framework that can be used for further testing on his side. The valuable feedback from ScienceSoft testing team enabled to correct the product defects quickly. Thanks to successful project realization the Customer is willing to continue cooperation with ScienceSoft, so a new common project is planned.

Technologies and Tools

Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft coded UI tests, C#.

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