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Modernization of Insurance Claims Processing Software

Modernization of Insurance Claims Processing Software

Financial Services, Insurance


The Customer is a US-based insurance company specializing in insurance solutions (such as property, accident and health, transportation insurance products, etc.) and insurance-related services, such as claims handling, risk assessment, and reinsurance.


The Customer’s business success highly depends on the efficiency of the system used for reporting and management of insurable events. The service has to be completely secure and 24/7 available to meet the needs of the Customer’s clients (e.g. airline companies or shipping services’ users).

With ever growing data to be stored in the database, several functions of the insurable event management system started to slow down.

The Customer was looking for a reliable partner to optimize their system’s performance. With 27 years of domain experience, ScienceSoft proved to be the right company to handle this task.


ScienceSoft’s team divided the project scope in 2 parts:

  • improvement of the client- and server-side code
  • fixing database issues

After researching on performance problems and code optimization, our experts proceeded with enhancing the database structure and improving performance of stored procedures.

Bug fixing in the client- and server-side code and performance optimization made it possible to double the efficiency of several features, as well as the query and stored procedure performance (i.e. time to get or put data into the database). In addition, pivot table reports are now generated much faster, and less time is required for loading pages and saving changes in the system.


The efforts of ScienceSoft's custom software development team resulted in a considerable improvement of the performance of the insurable event management system and, consequently, better insurance assistance for the Customer’s clients.

Technologies and Tools

VB.NET, JavaScript, Knockout.js, MS SQL Server.

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