Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting for an Insurance Broker

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting for an Insurance Broker

Dynamics CRM


The end Customer is one of the leading players in the insurance business based in North America.


The end Customer needed to revamp their claims management process, which was built around a custom CRM solution and a Nuxeo-based DMS. The CRM database was built on legacy Visual FoxPro technologies, which are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Thus, the end Customer was looking for a modern on-premises CRM solution that would completely replace the outdated system. As a longer-term goal, the end Customer wanted to move to completely paperless claims management.


ScienceSoft’s team started operational consulting with reviewing the end Customer’s existing claims management process and the custom CRM solution used to support it, including the available documentation. Business needs related to claim management were clarified in communication with key stakeholders. Based on the information elicited, ScienceSoft’s Dynamics CRM consulting team created the software requirements specification (SRS) that fully described the future CRM. A number of artifacts, such as workflow diagrams and a feature list were included in the SRS.

The end Customer chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 a substitution for the outdated CRM due to its workflow automation capabilities and customization flexibility. To further streamline the claims management process and address the Customer’s objective to go paperless, our consultants offered to integrate the Dynamics 365-based solution with OneNote and SharePoint. SharePoint DMS was selected to replace the Nuxeo-based DMS as a more modern and integration-friendly solution.

After that, our team provided the end Customer with project cost estimation.


The end Customer got a foundation for paperless claims management. With the new solution, the Customer will obtain faster claims processing and less manual effort per claim due to automation.

Methodologies and Tools

Business workflow investigation, business needs analysis and requirements elicitation.

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