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Implementation of a CRM meeting management module for a telecom company

Implementation of a CRM meeting management module for a telecom company



The Customer is an Israel-headquartered provider of communications solutions with 150+ partners around the world that specializes in global voice interconnections, messaging, fax and chat.


To manage relationships with their B2B clients, the Customer used a custom CRM solution based on PHP. As their business grew, the company recognized the need to digitize the way they schedule meetings and conference calls with their clients. Therefore, the Customer decided to extend the functionality of their CRM system with a dedicated module for meeting management.


ScienceSoft’s team delivered a PHP-based module that consisted of 5 forms.

Company Profile allows to add a new company, update profile details if they change, and quickly choose a client to schedule a meeting with.

Contact Person helps the Customer’s sales people to keep in mind the key traits of the clients' contact people (their personality, motivation and hobbies) so as to find more sound arguments in the upcoming meetings.

Business Subject serves to outline a meeting topic and agenda, as well as to attach relevant media files (such as tables, documents, or images).

Attachment can be used to enclose all the materials that do not relate directly to the meeting but can still be helpful to a Customer’s sales people.

And finally, Meeting Planner allows to schedule new meetings, review the upcoming ones (for example, to add participants, change the date or meeting highlights) and learn about past meetings/conference calls held with the client.


ScienceSoft implemented a custom CRM module that enables scheduling meetings and conference calls right in the Customer’s CRM system. As a result of such automation, the Customer was able to cut time and avoid inconsistencies while managing interactions with their clients.

Technologies and Tools

PHP, Symfony 2.3, Bootstrap, jQuery, Docker, PHPStorm, Git.

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