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Design of a Contract Management Software for a European Bank

Design of a Contract Management Software for a European Bank

Financial Services


The Customer is a European provider of software solutions and IT consulting services for various financial institutions (banks, investment companies, etc.) and retail businesses.


One of the Customer’s clients, a European bank, wanted to get a custom contract management software with specific industry-relevant features.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft for professional help with the design of a future contract management solution.

ScienceSoft’s team developed a concept of contract management software that included detailed functional requirements, business processes and workflow description, interactive prototypes as well as specification of user roles and permissions.

ScienceSoft’s specialists ensured that the system could provide rich functionality that covered complex relationships with the bank’s contractors and sub-contractors. It consolidated all info related to the contracts in one place (comprehensive company info, former contract versions, child contracts, employees’ comments on the company and the contract, etc.) as well as allowed for:

  • Notifications on the upcoming events (contract expiration/renewal date, etc.).
  • Request for approval from an individual employee or a group of employees.
  • Contract versioning to monitor the full document history.
  • File exporting into PDF and XLS format.
  • Generation of multi-indicator reports (as the number of open / pending contracts, active vendors, contract types, average contract value, etc.).

In addition, the solution was complemented with such important for the banking industry features as:

  • Verification by at least one more assigned employee of every introduced change or amendment.
  • Strict role-based security based on access control permissions.

The project team also extensively described how to provide intuitive UI for convenient work environment within the system and supported the specifications with multiple mockups.


The Customer received a concept of the required solution with a clear and extensive description of functional requirements, workflows and permissions. The detailed concept description gave the Customer a clear picture of the future solution and would become an easy-to-follow guide for a future development and QA team to deliver the required contract management solution.

Technologies and tools

BPMN, Bizagi Modeler, Mindjet MindManager, Axure RP, Sketch, InVision, Confluence.

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