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BI Implementation for Health Monitoring of 8,000+ FMCG Brands

BI Implementation for Health Monitoring of 8,000+ FMCG Brands

Consumer Goods, Retail, Marketing & Advertisement


The end-customer is one of the three world’s leading FMCG company that provides consumers with a wide range of food and beverage categories. The Customer has 8,000 brands around the world with plenty of products across a number of markets, including coffee, bottled water, milkshakes and other beverages, breakfast cereals, infant foods, healthcare nutrition, frozen and refrigerated foods, and pet food. The Customer has over 400 factories and operates in over 80 countries.


As the Customer has a rich brand portfolio it is crucial to maintain a high level of engagement with the consumers. In order to be aware of brand strengths and weaknesses, the Customer carries out a variety of consumer surveys. Due to the vast number of markets, goods categories and brands manual analysis of collected information cannot ensure valuable market insights. To get a real value from the information collected through the surveys and analyze a huge amount of received data the Customer needed to implement an analytical system with the rich reporting services.


ScienceSoft provided a wide range of data analytics services to deliver a system for brand health tracking that was designed as follows: the data from consumer surveys is recorded to the system database and, based on the recorded information, reports are built in accordance with specified parameters.

ScienceSoft’s BI specialists created a variety of reports that can be drilled down by various criteria, such as: time period, brand name, class or subclass of goods. Each criterion can be customized by a variety of 400 statistics. Based on the built reports brand managers are able to get the information they exactly need.

To ensure data comparison within different time periods the system was designed to extract reports with information presented in progress. In addition, there is color highlighting in accordance with the result of the comparison: green color highlights improvements in comparison with previous period, red color – decline. Such a reporting characteristic helps brand managers track important changes in the brand health as well as reduce time to take appropriate decisions either in case of improvements or in case of decline.

The reporting services of the system allows tracking, analysis and comparison of diverse parameters, including:

  • Customer retention presented in a funnel view in accordance with the consumers’ behavior in relation to the brand.
  • Relative market share and relative equity index.
  • All reports can be built in various alternatives of graphic presentation as well as can be exported to MS Excel or saved as a picture.

Further to the analytical system for the brand health monitoring, ScienceSoft team created an Analytical Cube. The Cube provides users with the information of advertising channels statistics, their quality and efficiency for consumers’ involvement.


ScienceSoft created an analytical solution that allows the Customer to manage the quality and consistency of marketing strategies, thereby ensuring data-driven decision making. The analytical system collects survey data and processes it to uncover the real drivers of consumers’ behavior.

With the help of the new system, brand managers are able to track potential of goods, shifts in market share as well as to predict what they can expect after changing brand positioning. In addition, analytical Cube enables its users to determine which advertising channel work better in order to increase efficiency.

The solution was successfully implemented together with all expected reports and analysis. The system is being used by the Customer at the moment.

Technologies and Tools

DevExpress, Rest, ASP.NET, Web UI, Chart controls

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