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Landing Page MVP: How to Get Insightful User Feedback on the Product You Haven’t Built Yet

Web and Mobile Researcher, ScienceSoft


Editor’s note: Anastasia describes the purpose of a landing page MVP and shares best practices for maximizing the solution’s value. If you need to create a winning landing page MVP, feel free to turn to ScienceSoft for MVP development services.

The essence of a minimum viable product (MVP) is in using the minimum efforts possible to roll out a software product idea on the market and test this idea’s viability in real-life conditions. In our overview of the MVP development process, we list 5 most time- and cost-effective ways to build a minimum viable product. The cheapest and fastest of them is definitely the landing page MVP, on which we give you experience-based tips in this article.

MVP landing page

The purpose of the landing page MVP

The landing page MVP helps to quickly gain an audience and collect insights – all before launching development in full swing. And user insights are what any commercially successful product is always based on, but they aren’t easy to obtain. Startups, for example, struggle to connect with their audience because they don’t have a stable user base yet. The landing page MVP is a great way to solve the problem of lacking feedback.

How it works

Instead of investing in software development right away, you describe the ‘coming-soon’ product on a landing page and promote your software as if it were already up for sales. For a better effect, you can complement the text description with neat wireframes or even live prototypes. Basically, you’re switching the order of the ‘development’ and ‘marketing’ stages to deliver a more refined product, tailored right to the needs of your future user base.

How to make the best of it

To make the landing page MVP really useful, you need not just to introduce your software concept to the visitors of your website, but to build a conversation with them. Naturally, you can’t explicitly ask your potential clients what they want your product to be: it works against the ‘coming-soon’ idea and is impractical since users often don’t know what they want when they are asked about it directly.

To get trustworthy and precise data, you need to create situations where you will observe your customers making real-life choices in real-life situations. Here are some examples of how landing page MVP can work for you:

Offer multiple versions of your product 

Come up with different feature sets and present them as if they were different editions or plans that grant access to different functionality packs of your future product. Showcase them right on the landing page with concise descriptions and ask your visitors to choose an edition or a plan to read more about it. Using your website history, observe what editions/plans gain more attention.

Offer several subscription options

These options can, for example, have different periods of use and pricing. See how confident people are in their need for your software and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Present your website in the form of a wizard

A wizard should help your visitors to ‘choose the most fitting product/plan’ or answer the ‘does this solution work for me?’ question. Draft 5-10 questions about a visitor’s business, the problem they want to solve with your product, the features they expect, etc. Make your questions as to the point as possible and be sure to provide a wide range of answer options to every question. At the end of the guide, when the answers are already uploaded to your systems and can be used for analysis, ask a user to provide their email for the message with the results to be sent to it.

A wrap-up

The landing page MVP can be a strategic step for your product development and an ‘MVP of an MVP’. It is a great way to verify and improve your software idea without any financial losses as with it, you make sure that your future product will have content customers.

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