ScienceSoft Is Among Top IoT Services Companies in 2022

ScienceSoft Is Among Top IoT Services Companies in 2022


iTRate has acknowledged ScienceSoft’s competency in IoT and featured us in their list of Top IoT Services Companies in 2022.

iTRate provides impartial reviews of IT services providers, helping businesses make safe and informed decisions when choosing a reliable B2B IT services vendor. At the moment, iTRate offers reviews of 8300+ IT companies in 70+ service categories.

ScienceSoft is proud to receive recognition for our expertise in IoT. Having 11 years of experience in the domain, we offer all-around IoT services: project planning and IoT architecture design, edge computing setup, data storage and analytics implementation, development of remote control apps and user apps, QA and testing, and more.

We deliver IoT solutions of any complexity for businesses in 30+ industries. Our most prominent IoT projects include development of solutions for remote patient monitoring, construction health monitoring, truck temperature monitoring, livestock management, smart home control, and pet tracking.

If you are looking for a skilled IoT team, ScienceSoft is ready to help!